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October 4, 2022 ESX 2023

ESX delivered on its promise of providing security professionals a forum for networking, education, and coming up-close-and-personal with the latest security tech. And while the Electronic Security Expo 2022, held in Fort Worth, Texas this June is now in the rearview mirror – and plans are already revving up for ESX 2023 – there are many key takeaways that should stay top-of-mind for security professionals. Among them are lessons learned from the educational sessions presented at the Expo. Those who may have missed some of the sessions on the roster need not miss out on the insights and instruction imparted. Here, we take a look at the topics covered in the Powerful Hacks to Grow Your Recurring Revenue” presentation, led by Melissa Brinkman, CEO of Custom Alarm and ESA Board of Directors. 

Brinkman is well equipped to speak on the RMR topic, as Custom Alarm has been successfully serving the security needs of customers in Minnesota for some 50 years now. Their services span fire alarm, intrusion, video surveillance, access control, home automation and more in both the commercial and residential spaces.  

Like all of the peer-to-peer educational offerings on the ESX lineup, the “Powerful Hacks to Grow Your Recurring Revenue” presentation was designed to help electronic security pros move their business forward towards efficiency and productivity. Attendees were primarily security dealers and system integrators, eager to learn more about the RMR-related topics covered in the session.  

Recurring revenue is the heartbeat of every security business. Although it’s certainly not new to the security industry, innovative and profitable ways to grow recurring revenue can help a security company increase its average RMR per customer, which leads to greater profitability, sustainable growth, and higher enterprise value.  

Why Reviewing Your RMR Pricing Model Is Good Business  

This portion of the presentation explored the various reasons why it’s so important to regularly review your pricing models. Service agreements, labor costs, inspections, etc. should all be considered. As Brinkman pointed out, some security companies don’t look at implementing rate increases. She advises that they should take a closer look at their recurring revenues across the board, either annually or at the least, every other year, and ask themselves if those rates are at a minimum. If so, those RMR rates should be increased by a certain percentage that makes sense and keeps the company profitable. The best way to determine a reasonable rate increase is by looking at your pricing model and determining your overall operating costs and how they have changed since the last increase. Costs for everything and for everybody are going up in today’s economy. It’s likely you’re servicing a lot of customers at a cost below what your rate should be, so it’s worth considering that it’s time to communicate to them the value of your services that justify a reasonable rate increase. She cautions that companies that don’t regularly adjust their RMR margins are likely leaving money on the table.  

Newer Technologies and Services Based On A Subscription-based Model 

Simply stated, the times are changing. Are you? Brinkman, together with her co-presenter, Randall Renfroe, President, All State Security Industries, addressed some of the newer technologies that today’s security dealers and integrators should consider adding to their arsenals.  

Cloud-based solutions ranked high on the list. The model is being much more widely adopted and becoming an attractive alternative to traditional, on-site physical access control and video surveillance systems. The number of organizations making the migration is on the rise, as many end users are looking to lower their upfront investment costs, as well as their system maintenance costs. 

In terms of access, credentialing is actually markedly easier with a cloud-based system than it is with a physical access system which requires ongoing issuing and returning of access cards or key fobs. With a cloud solution, administrators can instantly grant or revoke access from any Internet-connected device.  

“If you’re not offering cloud options you should be looking at it,” Brinkman advises. “If we’ve learned anything in the last two years, it’s that many more businesses are operating remotely.”

“Pre-COVID, most offices opened at 8 and closed at 5, but now management teams are tasked with keeping their businesses safe at all different hours and with varying numbers of staff onsite. Cloud and mobile access technologies enable users to manage their system anywhere, anytime.” 

The good news for security dealers and integrators is that a cloud-based access or video surveillance system means customers pay one simple monthly subscription fee. This opportunity for dealers and integrators to create new RMR is a huge benefit, and one that also allows for more realistic budget planning for future growth.  

It’s All About That Base, That Base, That Base

A very smart place to start segueing into selling cloud-based solutions and other additional RMR-generating services is with existing customers who already know and trust you. While it’s always prudent to continually prospect new customers, Brinkman contends that there are usually many opportunities to sell more RMR within your existing customer base. This formula has worked well within her own company, Custom Alarm, as she reports that between 60-70% of their additional sales come from existing customers.  

As discussed in the “Powerful Hacks to Grow Your Recurring Revenue” presentation, there are many ways to successfully upsell more services to your existing roster of clients. As highlighted in the

session, it’s very likely that your security company is now offering newer solutions that your customers aren’t even aware of. You are already their trusted security integration partner, so never take that relationship for granted. Keeping in touch on an ongoing basis is vitally important. Customers look to you to keep them apprised of new technology capabilities that can help improve their operations and ensure their security systems are working optimally. Communication should be an integral part of your ongoing service to customers. This can be as simple as regular check-in calls, to sending out marketing pieces that keep customers informed of new offerings they may want to implement. Regardless of how security dealers and systems integrators maintain communication with their existing customer base, the important thing is to recognize how important that customer base is to their business and how vital it is to keep those relationships healthy, happy, and ongoing. 

Security dealers and system integrators rely on monthly recurring revenues to sustain their business and remain profitable. In turn, end users need to rely on their trusted security partners to keep their operations safe, secure and profitable.  

Savvy security professionals know that staying on top of the latest technologies ensures that their customers are reaping the benefits of the most reliable and robust security solutions available. 


September 20, 2022 ESX 2023

With Speaker Sherry Vidal Brown, PHD, SMU Cox School of Business 

When it comes to hiring, it can be challenging to identify who could be the right fit for the company, and sometimes new hires are not well suited for a specific job. So how do we find a “team player” and someone who will be a successful new hire?  

Your Company’s Brand is Your Hiring North Star 

Sherry Brown, leader of this Leadership Workshop, recommends that as a company it is important to first understand and define what it is and what its values are. This is integral because if your company’s core values are “working as a team” then you to look into new hires that share that value as well. Once hiring managers are aware of specific company values, they can know who their target audience is and who to target with job postings. Hiring new talent means looking at what sets them apart from everyone else. Managers should also have proficient interviewing skills, have questions tailored to core value and brand, and know how to screen resumes based on the company’s values and needs. When a company knows what their brand is, it is easy to identify who falls in line with that brand and message as an employee. 

Retaining The Talent 

Retaining employees has been a challenge in the market for a few years now. So how do you make sure that your talent doesn’t walk away? The importance comes from being able to hire someone that falls in line with the company goals and values. If an employee can see career growth and is in tune with the company culture, benefits, and environment then it will be very hard for them to walk away. It is well known that when employees feel seen, valued and taken care of by their employers they prefer to stay long-term at their jobs. 

Fulfill Your Brand’s Promise 

However, this is all easier said than done. Sherry Brown says it is important for companies to be consistent in their branding, values, and culture as well as how they treat and value their employees. The company should do assessments of itself to screen if they are living out their core values and brand message for their employees. This is a key factor in being able to retain talent. Employees want to know that their employers care and respect them.  

Ultimately, Sherry Brown tells us that firstly, companies need to be able to identify “who” they are as a whole in terms of culture, values and branding. Secondly, identify specific talent based on who they are and see if they are a good match for that. Thirdly, have managers be able to screen successfully with interview questions tailored specifically to those core values. Last but not least, keeping your employees cared for by implementing your brand’s promise goes a long way and will result in long lasting employment.  


August 31, 2022 ESX 2023

The UNevent for Quality Interaction and Collaboration. 

The ESX Community is a group of passionate professionals who share, learn and brainstorm each year to elevate their game — both personally and professionally.  

To create and support this community, ESX focuses on quality engagements and creative ways to encourage interactions and break the ice. It’s time to rethink what an industry event should offer. Stop settling for shallow interactions that leave you lost in a crowd — and join a community of passionate security professionals ready to make a difference.  

As an intimate event that focuses on relationships, ESX is defined by the passionate professionals who attend. Networking events focus on shared experiences that forge lasting connections, and the expo floor is designed to give adequate time for in-depth discussions.  

By providing these opportunities, ESX becomes a launchpad for new ideas, plans and partnerships that move the industry forward. The networking events included the Opening Celebration and Pub Crawl, and the ESA’s Weinstock Celebration.

Opening Celebration

The 2022 Opening Celebration, sponsored by Affiliated Monitoring, welcomed security pros with live music and great conversations after a few years away from an in-person ESX.

The Pub Crawl 

The Pub Crawl made stops at The Library for games and live music and pros took to the mic for a night of singing at Pete’s Dueling Pianos. Stops were sponsored by JLM Wholesale and immix.

Weinstock Celebration

ESX’s NEW Weinstock Celebration provided an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of the 2022 Morris F. Weinstock Person of the Year, Steve Firestone, at ACRE Distilling. Pros were treated to live music, liquor tasting, cigar rolling, and more — all sponsored by ESA’s Diamond Partner, Resideo. 



August 31, 2022 ESX 2023
While the first ESX back in-person in two years is now in the rearview mirror, security pros will have the coming months ahead to apply many of the best practices and business insights to their organizations. 

The event promises quality interactions and best practice sharing among leaders in the electronic security and life safety industry. This is THE event for education and networking in the channel — and the 2022 event delivered just that. 

The show’s impact will ripple well into 2023, when the industry’s leaders will gather again June 5-8 in Louisville, KY for ESX 2023. 

26 Best Practice Sharing Educational Sessions from Tracks Including: 

80% of attendees rated these sessions VERY GOOD or EXCELLENT 

Top 5 Factors Before Entering the Multifamily Market 
Leveraging Data: Analytics that Drive Customer Experience, Sales and RMR  
7 Practical Ways to Become a Better Boss 
Handling Contract Modification Risks 
Monitoring Smart Tank – Next Gen Tech That Reduces False Alarm Dispatches and Attrition 
Powerful Hacks to Grow Your Recurring Revenue 
Supercharge Residential Sales with Innovative Products and Services  
Reducing Truck Rolls Through Technology and Repeatable Best Practices 
New Monitoring Trends and Practices That Reduce False Alarm Dispatches 
Rise of the Machine – When and How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence  
Best Practices for Promoting Your Company Via Social Media 
Monitoring Center Benchmarking: Track. Measure. Manage.  
The Connected Experience – Security. Convenience. Privacy. 
Fire Alarms – New Codes, Services and Technology that Drive RMR 
Monitoring Innovation in Action 
The Internet of Litigation: Security. IoT. Cyber Attacks. 
Improve Customer Retention by Understanding Attrition 

71% of respondents say “I will stay in touch with a new peer relationship sparked at ESX.” 

“ESX is a tremendous opportunity to engage with my industry colleagues in an environment that fosters healthy competition and growth. There are numerous opportunities to educate and grow for the next generation of security industry leaders!”

“ESX is EFFECTIVE! It’s loaded with good education for me and my colleagues, and it has relevant content. I also appreciate the “healthy competition” it fosters.” 

“ESX has always been a great social event to meet new and strengthen relationship with both existing suppliers and new suppliers”

“ESX has a great mix of education, networking, motivational, and social time.”



June 15, 2022 ESX 2023
The highly anticipated event of the year for the security industry is finally here! The Electronic Security Expo is open and is bringing together security professionals from all over the country. It attracts the biggest, best, and most progressive installing and monitoring companies in the world to meet with exhibiting electronic security equipment vendors and industry providers. Each year, ESX is proof that it is possible to offer a show floor large enough to spotlight an incredibly wide range of security products and services, yet manageable enough to tour at a leisurely pace and drill deeply into any category. No end users. No chaotic crowds. This is a tailored educational event designed to help you grow your business. Here are some highlights of the many thing’s security pros have been up to so far and what is in store!

Day 1 – Tuesday

ESA Meetings

The Electronic Security Association, the owner of the event, jumpstarted the events at ESX with several meetings including the Board of Directors, Government Relations, and the Standard & Life Safety Committees to discuss industry trends and more. Thanks to everyone who attended the ESA Annual Meeting and supported our award winners for excellence in the industry, the installation of our newest Board members, and the induction of our new Chairman, John Loud, President of Loud Security in Atlanta.

NEW Executive Leadership Workshops

After the meetings attendees jumped into ESX’s New Executive Leadership Workshops. With workforce shortages, supply chain delays, technology platforms rapidly being upgraded, and consumer demands ever-changing. ESX teamed up with Executive Education at the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox School of Business to develop 4 hours of executive leadership education that will provide breakthrough insights and advanced skills on change leadership and people management – two of the toughest areas for integrator companies.

Opening Celebration

ESX finished Day 1 of the event right! There is no better way to take in Fort Worth than with live music, local beer and spirits, and a mix of local flavors as we celebrated the launch of ESX 2022! The Opening Celebration was a perfect opportunity to mix and mingle with other attendees and catch up with old industry friends in a more casual, laidback environment.  

Day 2 – Wednesday

OpenXChange Breakfast

The OpenXChange Breakfast is where we talked about the newest-of-the new; technologies, services, and go-to market strategies and the changing competitive landscape that will influence the direction of our industry. This year, the lively panel discussion focused on drones and robots and what is likely to happen and how it will impact our businesses and industry. This discussion was led by Alex Pachicov, CEO of Sunflower Labs and Stacy Stephens, EVP & Chief Client Officer of Knightscope, Inc.

Expo Open

ESX’s expo floor provides access to multiple exhibitors in varying industries such as Fire Detection, Access Control, Smart Home Building, Video Surveillance IT/Networking and so much more! Wednesday also offered  10 incredible educational sessions from speakers with years of real-world experience, as well as free technical training to exhibitors and sponsors. Throughout the day, attendees were able to walk around the expo floor, observing the latest technology from exhibitors in the industry. The innovation awards were also presented in recognition of the most outstanding products that drive the electronic security and life safety industry forward.

Keynote Luncheon

There also was the keynote luncheon on the main stage featuring Keynote Speaker Dr. Ivan Joseph. Just steps away from the expo floor, this plated luncheon will include programming to help build success, self-confidence, and grit amongst your leadership team. Self-confidence and inspiring self-confidence to meet and achieve goals is a skill.

Pub Crawl

After a day on the expo floor attendees visited the local Fort Worth nightlife at the ESX Pub Crawl! Security pros shared experiences, caught up with friends and made new ones in a casual atmosphere. ESX is unique in that it offers opportunities where work meets play and industry friendships are formed.  

Day 3 – Thursday

Education Sessions

The education sessions continued through Thursday. They focused on growing recurring revenue, contracts, drones, data, reducing false alarms, social media marketing and more.

Expo Day 2 Activities

Attendees were able to connect with lunch on the expo floor while continuing to make connections with peers in the industry. This was a fantastic opportunity to showcase each product and service. Thursday also featured a general session by Tony Birdwell who discussed Lessons for a Life Well Lived.

Weinstock Celebration

The Weinstock Celebration will be held this Thursday evening and wrap up the second day of ESX. The Morris F Weinstock Celebration commemorates the accomplishments of a security professional whose lifetime achievements have made a significant impact on the industry.  

Last Day – Friday

SIAC Breakfast

Opening the last day of the Expo is the SIAC Breakfast awards ceremony where the Youth Scholarship award will be announced. The ceremony will be kicked off by Dr. Joseph Kuhns who presented new data that debunks long-standing industry myths about alarm system dispatches and false alarm rates.

Education Sessions

With classes like 7 Practical Ways to Become a Better Boss, and Monitoring Innovation in Action, Friday is filled with education-packed sessions that have been designed to help electronic security pros move their business forward towards efficiency and productivity. The expo will wrap up earlier in the day.

See You Next Year!

So far ESX 2022 is one for the books! Make sure to save the date for ESX 2023 hosted in Louisville, Kentucky June 5-8! It is bound to be another incredible experience at the Electronic Security Expo.  


June 14, 2022 ESX 2023
Fort Worth, Texas – ESA would like to thank its Premier Event Sponsors for their support in this year’s Electronic Security Expo (ESX) taking place June 14-17, 2022 in Fort Worth, Texas. This conference and tradeshow for security integration, life safety, and monitoring companies has earned a stellar reputation as the must-attend event for the industry’s most innovative and influential leaders. Beyond the tradeshow floor is an unparalleled opportunity to position organizations as a leading force in the marketplace. “From helping security and alarm dealers modernize their businesses to bringing leading technologies together for the industry to see, ESX 2022 will deliver insights that impact our industry. Furthermore, ESX delivers a rich conference program featuring leading experts who will highlight their knowledge of security technology, business efficiencies, and professional development. Because of these reasons, we are proud to sponsor this year’s event and look forward to engaging with this impressive community.” Rochelle Thompson, Chief Marketing Officer, Netwatch Group. ESX is where passionate electronic security and life safety professionals gather. It’s large enough to see the latest products and services, and intimate enough to have meaningful business conversations. “Louroe Electronics has been a manufacturer and member for many years with satisfaction. We draw a business relationship with ESA and ESX as the go-to in understanding the integrator need for quality products and services. Life safety and smart technology are two of the interests Louroe has, making us great partners. Both ESA and the ESX show do a great job with training and management services to leading integrators.” –  Paul Kersh, Marketing Manager, Louroe Electronics Our top sponsorship levels afford the best spotlight possible. When this focused group comes together to share their ideas and solutions, the industry takes a bold leap forward in setting the pace for its future. We are incredibly thankful to have dedicated sponsors who allow for this incredible event to happen and continue to bring a nationwide industry together. For a complete list of all ESX sponsors, please visit: About ESX ESX (Electronic Security Expo) brings together professionals who are passionate about the business of electronic security and life safety. Dealers, integrators and monitoring professionals attend ESX to connect with like-minded peers, learn from business thought leaders, and discover emerging trends and technologies. Exceptional peer-to-peer education delivers strategies that help security and life safety professionals run, grow, and maximize their businesses–as well as rethink the future. The exhibit hall showcases the latest products, technologies and services, while dynamic networking events offer professionals opportunities to engage and collaborate. ESX 2022 will be held June 14-17 at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth Texas. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter@esxweb, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


June 13, 2022 ESX 2023
Over the past months I’ve spoken a lot about my journey to lead Guyana to the final round of the World Cup Qualifiers. This was my big, hairy, audacious goal (Jim Collins, Good to Great). It had never been done before. I wanted it for our team, our staff, for our country more than anything. I wanted this. I was leaving no stone unturned. I funded my own recruitment service to identify talent. I created my own Christmas holiday camp. The staff was meticulous in their planning and details. We knew that we had a chance, and we honestly felt like we were going to do it. We went through the first three games undefeated. Our final match was in Tobago. We knew that if we took care of business and won, we would accomplish our goal.  I could tell we were ready when I walked in the changeroom. We took the lead late in the first half, 1-0. When Trinidad and Tobago tied it up, we took the lead again: 2-1. We were a minute away from accomplishing our goal when, unfortunately, we shut off. A fluke, errant kick found its way in a bouncing ball scramble into the back of the goal. Trinidad tied the game, and that was all they needed to advance. We were a minute away from accomplishing what many thought was impossible. There is no joy in second place. We fell short of our goal. We did not qualify for the World Cup. We went home empty-handed. To say we were devastated would be an understatement. We were despairing, despondent, demolished and any other d-word you can imagine… put it on the list. You can include doubt in there, as well, because when you lose, as a coach, you doubt all your actions and wonder what you could have done differently. There are often times that high performers set lofty, ambitious goals and are unable to achieve them. It’s a careful balancing act to know how high to reach so that you push yourself while recognizing that in striving, you will not catch every goal you set your eyes upon. How you lead when you fall short of your goal is key to maintaining the ground you’ve gained in its pursuit. Leaders that seek true excellence and aspirational challenges will miss our goals from time to time. How we choose to react in the moments after are key to how you maintain the commitment of your team; how they can continue to believe; and, whether they will go on following you to the ends of the earth. It’s easy to get lost in the emotion of failure — to blame others for their errors. It’s common to feel embarrassment and shame when the spotlight is on you right when you didn’t deliver. It’s tempting to blame third parties: ‘I didn’t have the resources, the budget.’ Deflecting doesn’t allow you to actually REFLECT and ask yourself the important questions: “What should I have done better?” and “What could I do differently?”


#1. Be quiet. 

I don’t address the team immediately with any critical feedback. I’m too emotional, and they’re too emotional. The message will not be clear. It will not be interpreted in the right way. There is no value gained with harsh words. Be as supportive as you can here. Allow people the space others need to express the emotions that they need to share. Listen. Do not react. Make no decisions. Take no actions. 

#2. Stay still. 

Sometimes when we put all of our resources into a goal and it doesn’t happen, we want to throw up our hands and walk away. We’re exhausted. We may feel that our efforts were futile or unappreciated. Recognize that now is not the time for actions. Wait. Allow yourself some critical time to think, to weigh, to measure… You may choose to pen a letter. Don’t send it. You may choose to vent — only do it with your closest, innermost circle to test your thinking. Don’t bottle it up inside you. It can become toxic. 

#3. Reflect. 

It’s time to do an honest, deep dive reflection where you are actively soliciting feedback–the raw, sometimes hard to hear, feedback. Cast a wide net. Hear feedback from your trusted advisors, from the people inside your team and from those on the outside looking in. Look for the consistent messages and themes. If we do this step superficially, we won’t make measurable, significant gains. I always know that I’ve made the right decision if, after the action, I ask myself would I still do it the same way again. If the answer is no, there is a teachable moment there—the actions and choices I would change if I could. Search for the teachable moments and take action to put those alternative actions and choices into your practices moving forward. Now you’ve got something different to try–something you’ve hashed out after honest, deep and collaborative reflection. 

#4. Regroup. 

Once you’ve calmed down, sorted it out, gathered your feedback, distilled your lessons learned and planned your steps to improve, you need to gather your team to share your findings. It’s not a one-way conversation. Make sure your team’s feedback is reflected clearly in this stage so they actually hear and see their own words. Bringing the group back together and sharing lessons learned engenders trust and loyalty. It’s then time to begin again.   Remind your fellow high performers that nothing great comes easily. Stress that persistence is the key to excellence, and begin again.   


June 6, 2022 ESX 2023
I am super excited to go to my first ESX as Chairman of ESA. It’s where memories are made, lifelong friendships are formed, information is exchanged, mentorships are born, and businesses learn to thrive! It is my pleasure to explore each with a personal story. Memories: First, I will wade into the dangerous category of memories. While there are a lot of personal memories, the ones that publicly shame are sometimes the most fun! I remember when I had left my iPad at a meal table and the next Main Stage George DeMarco decided to fine me publicly for its return. SIAC benefited and I got my iPad back. Moral of this story: don’t leave anything behind! Lifelong friendships: There are so many it is difficult to select one. Past ESA President and Weinstock Recipient Angela White reached out to me at one ESX and we had a great conversation about life, ESA, and business. She invited me to meet so many wonderful and influential people. As life has happened to both of us, she has always been there to spend countless hours on the phone with me. Information Exchanged: There are those moments of clarity that become AHA moments in each of our lives. Sometimes, just being together presents opportunities to exchange information in meaningful ways. Mentorships: There are people in one’s life that just simply make you better. I remember watching Steve Firestone on stage and thinking to myself how impressed I was with him. How he handled himself, the ease and care in which he formed his answers and the overall wisdom behind them. At the time, I never thought I would get to know him— much less have him as a mentor. Just that happened. Not only did I get to know him, but anytime I called he made me his top priority —at least it felt that way. He has made one of the most positive impacts in my life and I’m honored to call him a friend. In short make friendships, meet mentors, engage with them to make memories and above all don’t be afraid to share ideas and listen —engage and enjoy!  
  • Come thank Jamie Vos for his service to the industry and welcome new board members being sworn in at the ESA Annual Meeting, being held at ESX Tuesday, June 14 at 4:30 in room 103A/B.


May 24, 2022 ESX 2023
The past few years have taught us that the electronic security industry is essential and resilient. It has also led many to understand that operational efficiencies and staying close to the customer are paramount for long-term viability. It is time for dealers and integrators to be proactive and set their course. In order to do that with some success, they must first have some industry insights to plot the course ahead.

What might surprise security professionals?

The Good – Security professionals are still considered one of the most trusted partners in delivering safety and security products and services. Because of disruptors entering the industry, they caused traditional players to change their operational playbooks and adopt new product offerings. Although traditional players sometimes rail against these disruptors, their fresh perspectives have supercharged revenues, especially recurring revenue streams.   The Bad – Truck rolls are getting more expensive. Dealers and integrators will need to augment field service with technology that minimizes truck rolls.  The fight for the smart home is the next battleground for traditional dealers to address, especially as the largest technology companies on the planet are ramping up their smart home go-to-market strategies. In addition, recurring revenue is at risk for those dealers and integrators that don’t have a proactive customer engagement plan in place.   

Negative Industry Impacts Compared to Previous Years

Supply Chain and Labor Shortages – With supply chain and labor shortages, dealers and integrators may experience lower growth.   Profit Squeeze – As a result of supply chain and labor shortages, dealers and integrators may experience a profit squeeze unless price increases for products and services are implemented.     Response to Alarms –  As cities and municipalities implement or consider budget cuts for police services, the potential fallout may result in a more limited capacity for police to respond to alarm activity.

Positive Industry Impacts Compared to Previous Years 

Proven Resiliency – Many dealers, integrators, and monitoring centers experienced strong growth in 2021, proving that security services are important to end users, whether for homes, businesses, or governmental agencies. The most successful companies are the ones that adopted new technologies, services, and methods to market, and have the ability to add incremental and sustainable recurring revenue.   Customer Experience – Consumers and businesses have a higher degree of interaction and engagement over the technology and services offered by the industry. This simplifies the process of managing what’s important to them on their terms. This reinforces that dealers and integrators are the go-to trusted resource that consumers and businesses expect for security, safety, convenience, or productivity needs.   Security professionals who are interested in taking a deeper dive into the industry’s trends should register and attend ESX 2022 in Fort Worth, TX, June 14-17. Over the course of 3.5 days attendees will experience industry-leading education programs, best practices, and more. It is where the industry gathers, and you don’t want to miss it.