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Electronic Security Expo


January 16, 2024 ESX 2023
Registration is now open for the ESX 2024, a trade show and educational conference owned by the Electronic Security Association (ESA) and The RMR Educational Event of the Year. The event designed by and for electronic security and life safety integrators/dealers will be held June 3-6 at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky. 

ESX provides security professionals with a forum to learn about the latest technology innovations. As well as acquire proven business strategies and gain new insights based on best practices. As well as the opportunity to connect with peers and grow a trusted network. Prospective attendees are encouraged to seize the advantage of early bird registration rates available until April 19, 2024.    

Bring the Team to ESX 

Crafted as the pinnacle learning event, ESX offers an exclusive opportunity for security professionals. The ability to delve into best practices, unparalleled educational sessions, and team-centric benefits. To underline this commitment, ESX introduces special team registration discounts. Four security professionals registering under the same pass can generously bring a fifth colleague from their company free. This provision aims to foster comprehensive team involvement by facilitating knowledge sharing at a reduced cost.

Interested security pros eager to grow in their professional development can secure their spots now at

“We are excited to open early bird registration for ESX 2024 and invite the security community to join us in Louisville for another year of education, innovation, and networking.” says George De Marco. “ESX is the must-attend event for security professionals seeking to stay informed about the latest best practices, technologies, and trends shaping the changing competitive landscape.” 

ESX Expo Floor: Where Business Gets Done 

At ESX’s expo floor, attendees will engage with exhibitors for invaluable insights. Like spanning marketing strategies, sales tactics, installation training, merchandising, and more. Exclusively catering to the pro-installed channel, ESX ensures exhibitors more quality conversations. While fostering a focused and immersive experience for all participants. Additionally, the event’s design amplifies intimate interactions and quality dialogues across the industry by facilitating one-on-one engagements. Which is a hallmark of ESX’s commitment to an enriching experience. Although, expo Booth spaces and sponsorship opportunities are still available but limited so act fast!

Learn more here – 

Networking with Industry Peers 

ESX distinguishes itself by curating engaging networking events that break the ice and encourage connections among attendees. Among these events, attendees can look forward to: 

  • Opening Celebration: A grand kickoff event that sets the stage for an immersive experience, allowing attendees to connect in a vibrant atmosphere. 
  • Pub Crawl: An informal and interactive evening where participants explore various local establishments while networking and fostering camaraderie.
  • Weinstock Celebration: A renowned event designed to bring attendees together in a convivial ambiance, offering an exceptional opportunity to network and build relationships. 

Unparalleled Educational Programming 

In addition, to gaining expo access. Dealers, integrators, and monitoring professionals wielding the Deluxe or Executive Pass can also attend unparalleled educational sessions curated by peers and industry thought leaders. Acclaimed as the industry’s strongest educational programming, ESX’s sessions garnered rave reviews in 2023, with over 80% of attendees rating the education sessions as VERY GOOD or EXCELLENT. 

Official ESX Hotels at Discounted Rate 

To enhance your ESX experience, secure your registration today and take advantage of specially curated official ESX hotel choices at discounted rates. Deadline to book is Monday, May 13, 2024: 

  • The Galt House Hotel 
  • Omni Louisville Hotel 
  • Embassy Suites Louisville Downtown 
  • Louisville Marriott Downtown 

 Register now and secure your spot to unlock the unrivaled learning, networking, and immersive experiences that ESX 2024 has to offer. 


January 10, 2024 ESX 2023

As the countdown to the Electronic Security Expo (ESX) 2024 begins, anticipation grows for one of the most dynamic educational tracks of the event—the ESX Sales Track. Slated to take place from June 3 to 6 at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky, ESX 2024 promises an unparalleled opportunity for professionals in the electronic security and life safety industry to immerse themselves in the latest insights and strategies. 

ESX Sales Track: Elevating Sales Excellence 

Sales development is one of the most important processes an organization can build to deliver a seamless, efficient revenue machine. 

Learn to develop your brand and go-to-market strategy to keep the focus on building your RMR. Identify complementary markets, new products, and services that will give your sales teams the edge over the competition. Explore new sales management processes that will accelerate sales performance and increase your revenues and RMR. 

Key Sessions Under the ESX Sales Track: 

Unlocking Video Sales that Surge RMR: Strategies, Techniques, and Applications: 

Video monitoring has become a key tool for security, surveillance, and operational efficiency in the commercial, industrial, and residential markets. This dynamic session delves into the strategies, techniques, and applications that are shaping the video monitoring sales landscape. Why is selling video so lucrative? How is pricing different? What should be avoided? Join us as we explore cutting-edge approaches to effectively market and sell video monitoring solutions. From understanding customer needs to leveraging emerging technologies, this session equips you with the insights needed to drive sales and establish a competitive edge. In this session, you’ll learn: 

  • How to gain a deep understanding of the current video monitoring landscape 
  • How to align video monitoring solutions with end users’ unique requirements – and what mistakes you should avoid 
  • Questions to implement specifically to video projects that will help move the sales timeline along 
  • To develop the best compelling narratives that highlight the tangible benefits of video monitoring and what applications are best  


How to Boost Revenue without Adding Customers: 

We will delve into the powerful strategies and tactics to increase your share of the wallets of your existing customers. While acquiring new customers is essential, inside sales that maximize the value derived from your existing customer base is equally as impactful. Learn how you can foster stronger relationships, enhance customer loyalty, and drive incremental revenue without the need for extensive customer acquisition efforts. Armed with proven strategies and best practices, you’ll be able to significantly contribute to RMR growth while reducing client attrition rates. In this session, you’ll learn: 

  • How to use data analytics to gain valuable insights and optimize inside sales strategies 
  • Practical communication strategies, techniques, and customer outreach programs for inside sales staff to utilize 
  • Tactics to extend customer relationships and increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) through upselling, cross-selling, and retention strategies 
  • Explore strategies to add new products offerings, opening up fresh revenue streams and adding incremental RMR 
  • How you might incentivize sales staff who are not finding new customers but growing revenue with current customers 


Maximizing Recurring Revenue (RMR) with Fire Alarm Systems: 

Fire safety and security professionals will gain invaluable insights into the strategies and best practices for optimizing RMR for fire alarm systems. It is tailored for professionals seeking to bolster their revenue streams through long-term, sustainable monitoring, inspection, and maintenance contracts. Leave this session equipped with a comprehensive toolkit to elevate your RMR potential. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, these actionable strategies promise immediate impact and success. Join us for an enlightening journey towards Fire alarm RMR excellence! In this session, you’ll learn: 

  • How RMR can be applied specifically to fire alarm systems 
  • Explore the range of value-added services that can be bundled with fire alarm system installations 
  • Practical advice from industry leaders on structuring service contracts and pricing models that balance profitability with competitive offerings 
  • Important industry regulations, ensuring compliance and instilling trust in your clientele 
  • The top markets to attract new clients and upsell existing ones 


Beyond Price: Roleplaying Value-Driven Sales Strategies *Interactive*: 

This interactive session will invite audience members to roleplay traditional sales conversations with value-driven consultative sales approaches. End users seek more than just hardware, software, and recurring services—they demand comprehensive solutions. Discover how to shift the focus away from price and cultivate a sales approach that emphasizes the broader benefits your product or service brings to the table — enabling you to better serve your clients and stay ahead in the market. Roleplay scenarios will include:  

  • Going up against a competitor (how do you differentiate yourself) 
  • How to highlight and differentiate value when your price is higher 
  • Finding out what your prospect’s issues truly are (not what you think they are) 
  • Getting to the decision 

Special emphasis will be paid to coaching your teams for these successful conversations. 


Optimizing Your Sales Teams Part 1: Performance Metrics, Commission Models and Repeatable Processes: 

To elevate a sales team, you need to go beyond the basics and focus on elevating sales performance while ensuring healthy gross profit margins. To achieve this, we’ll explore specialized strategies and tools that empower your team to drive sales growth while maintaining a robust bottom line. Our panel will provide real-world actionable advice and tools that will help you gain valuable insights into transforming your sales team into a high-performing unit. In this session, you’ll learn: 

  • Why it’s important to build and organize sales teams for efficiency and productivity 
  • The proven methods to equip your sales team with the right tools, resources, and training, enabling them to close deals effectively and consistently 
  • Explore commission models that incentivize performance while aligning with your company’s financial goals and objectives 
  • Which sales performance metrics are most relevant and how to use them to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and set achievable targets for sales staff 

Optimizing Your Sales Teams Part 2: Hiring Your Next Successful Salesperson: Essential Skills and Traits: 

Strong sales teams are the quickest way to bring in substantial revenue to your organization. Successfully hiring and training motivated, and passionate professionals will result in more conversions and sales. How can you avoid wasted efforts filling positions with candidates who lack the required sales DNA? What are the characteristics and skillsets that successful salespeople hold in common? What interview questions should you be asking — and what should you be listening for in the answers you receive? In this session, we’ll role play the successful and not so successful sales interview. You’ll also learn: 

  • How to determine what your skills gaps are and hire to fill them 
  • Qualities all successful salespeople share that you should be looking for 
  • Tips for engaging salespeople from hiring and keeping them engaged  
  • How to successfully onboard and coach new salespeople 


Enhancing the Sales Process to Close Faster and Maximize RMR: 

The ability to adapt and streamline your commercial sales processes is paramount. This in-depth session is designed to equip sales professionals with the advanced skillset needed to harness the power of sales process templating. By leveraging this strategic approach, you’ll not only expedite the sales cycle but can also develop a process that drives a more consistent plan for RMR growth. This session is tailored for organizations seeking to improve their commercial sales effectiveness. In this session, you’ll learn: 

  • The insights into crafting a comprehensive sales process template that acts as a roadmap 
  • How asking the right questions can exponentially move a sale along 
  • Negotiation techniques that navigate objections and secure deals with confidence 
  • How to adapt your commercial sales process template for handling new business and existing customers, enabling you to address needs, pain points, and priorities with effectiveness 
  • How technology and automation can be integrated into your sales process template 


Unique Sales Strategies for the Top 5 Commercial Verticals: 

This session dives deep into the thriving landscape of commercial electronic security sales, with a spotlight on RMR. We’ll uncover the top 5 commercial verticals that are driving the surge in demand, how you can leverage them to accelerate your sales success, and identify the unique sales strategies that help close the deals. You’ll be armed with the knowledge and strategies needed to excel in these thriving markets, positioning you as an agile and adept sales professional. In this session, you’ll learn:  

  • The crucial insights into the unique dynamics, challenges, and opportunities that define each of these commercial verticals 
  • The strategies for establishing trust for each of these commercial verticals by offering tailored solutions  
  • The RMR offerings that resonate the most with each vertical 
  • How recent advancements, including AI-powered analytics and cloud-based solutions, are reshaping the products and services offerings 


Unleashing the Power of Cloud-Based Access Control: 

Embark on a journey into the world of access control systems with our comprehensive session on cloud-based solutions. You’ll be equipped with the knowledge and insights needed to leverage the power of cloud-based access control systems, providing your clients with cutting-edge solutions that offer enhanced security, efficiency, and peace of mind. Cloud-based access control technology is revolutionizing security and access management, providing businesses with unprecedented flexibility, scalability, and efficiency, and is a driving force behind higher RMR. In this session, you’ll learn: 

  • The fundamental principles and advantages of cloud-based access control systems, from enhanced scalability to seamless integration 
  • How cloud-based solutions streamline operations and reduce hardware costs, making them an attractive option for businesses of all sizes 
  • How cloud-based access control enables remote management, allowing for real-time monitoring and control of access points from anywhere in the world 
  • How to structure the right RMR pricing model for the application 


Sales Track Leaders: Tracy Larson and Kendall Horner 

Guiding attendees through these enlightening sessions are distinguished Sales Education Advisors—Tracy Larson, President of WeSuite, and Kendall Horner, Vice President at Braveheart Sales Performance. Their wealth of experience and industry expertise will undoubtedly enrich the learning experience for all participants.

“I’ve loved ESX since I first met the show,” Tracy said. “The education is very targeted. When I joined the team of advisors, the best thing that I saw happening in front of my eyes was the development of new ideas– to which I could freely contribute– that would help salespeople optimize their roles and learn how to sell new technologies or services better.”


“Being part of this group is a huge opportunity to collaborate with others with all kinds of different perspectives that contribute to helping the industry get to the next level,” Kendall agrees. “For me, being an advisor means that I get to participate on the conference that’s truly honed in on RMR, and I get to help provide actionable things for businesses to grow and reach a new level and live their dreams.

Tune in to the episode of the Security Nation Podcast featuring Tracy Larson and Kendall Horner. Gain exclusive insights into their perspectives on sales development, industry trends, and the future of the industry. Access the podcast on your preferred platform wherever you regularly listen to podcasts. 

Registration Details 

To gain access to this exclusive ESX Sales Track and all best-practice sharing sessions, an ESX Executive Pass or Deluxe Pass is required. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your sales strategies, connect with industry leaders, and shape the future of electronic security at ESX 2024.


December 28, 2023 ESX 2023

While having strong margins from installation revenues is vital to a security company’s health, RMR is the more sustainable business practice in the long term, supercharging enterprise value.  

The Driving Higher RMR on Every Sale” session at ESX 2023 provided more in-depth training on how company sales and technical staff can contribute to the company’s overall RMR growth.  

The session was led by Resideo’s Premier Partner Program Leader, Quentin Gunther, Security Solutions’ President, Jamie Vos, and Security Pros’ Director of Client Technology, Mike Williams. Quentin brought knowledge on more of the residential and SMB side of monitoring and security, while Jamie and Mike focused primarily on the commercial side. 

The three speakers brought between 20 and 30+ years of industry experience to the table as they discussed proven strategies businesses can use to grow their RMR. 

The Value Proposition 

The first strategy is to adjust your pricing according to what your offering is – taking into consideration not just major operations like monitoring and equipment costs, but also all the smaller services your company offers along the way, such as customer support calls. A five minute call doesn’t seem like much time, but those five minute increments add up, costing your company in time and resources. It’s important that you charge for every service that you offer if it’s of value to the customer. Otherwise, if it’s not of value to the customer, you should eliminate it completely. 

Gunther, Vos and Williams have all found that setting a lump price for all the inclusions tends to reap greater RMR growth. It is more preferable for the customer to receive one bill each month, even if it’s a bit higher, versus receiving multiple bills. 

Additionally, you should reduce your options. Gunther saw his sales closing ratios rise significantly when he cut down his package offerings to one or two. Too many options distract or even overwhelm the customer. If you have a single package or subscription with impressive inclusions and value offers, you will be more successful. 

Therefore, it is critical to establish a value proposition behind what your company has to offer that demonstrates why it’s worth the customer’s time and money, as well as accurate pricing.  

Itemize Services and Costs 

Clearly listing the components of the offer and the cost of each individual item will help you fight against competition. If a customer can clearly see that your package includes equipment, installation, monitoring, and 24/7 phone support, then when a competitor shows up with a lower number but only offers equipment and installation, the customer will be able to quickly see that you have the higher value offer.  

This also ensures that the customer knows exactly what they are getting and helps them take full advantage of the services. That way, they don’t find out two months in that they’ve been paying for something they haven’t been using. In the long run, this results in happier customers, who are more likely to keep returning and renew services. 

Training your Sales Staff 

There are some challenges that come with changing or adjusting pricing. Once you have decided on a value proposition and pricing, you must decide how to share that proposition through a fantastic story. That story should convince both your internal and external audiences, which will be your salespeople first, followed by your customers.  

To convince your salespeople, you must tell a story from the customer’s perspective, helping your salespeople to relate to the customer. Encourage your staff to develop a personal connection to the customer by asking open-ended questions and involving them in a conversation versus just giving them the sales pitch. No one wants to feel like a number on somebody’s quota– your sales staff included. We have all received sales pitches before and hung up the phone before the pitch was done. Remind your staff of that regularly, training them to think from that perspective.  

That said, it’s still critical to balance personal connection with efficiency and detail in the sales pitch. The customer has to understand the value of your full services and see the whole picture to understand that the cost for those services is very reasonable– and to take advantage of their full benefits. How many of us have found out after paying a monthly or yearly subscription for something that we hadn’t been taking full advantage of our included offerings because we didn’t know their extent? It’s a frustrating situation that our staff should be helping our customers avoid.  

Set Goals for Your Sales Staff 

Once your sales staff is ready to go, having fully understood and embraced the new mindset, it’s critical that you set sales goals. If the sales staff have no idea of what to aim for, they won’t maximize their skills, training, or time.  However, if you set clear goals, they will rise to the occasion to meet them.  

One important thing to note is that there should be incentives to go along with the goals. Gunther has noticed there is a direct correlation between RMR growth and sales staff that are being compensated for their achievements. You should ensure you compensate your salespeople according to what their goals are and whether they met or surpassed them.  

Keep a Pulse on Your Customer Base 

Companies need to keep careful track of what their clients are seeking and whether they are satisfied with their services. Make sure you are providing feedback opportunities and monitoring the responses closely, whether that is through surveys, testimonials, customer services calls, or reviews. This is a great way to track whether you are doing things right according to your customers or whether you need to make adjustments to keep customers coming back.  

Inside Sales 

Once you have a customer base, don’t let it go. Keeping existing customers is always easier and more cost-effective than gaining new ones. Ensure you are retargeting existing or past customers through marketing efforts, such as newsletters, promotions, etc.  

Have a team that is specifically dedicated to following up with old customers or current ones. Ask questions such as “What’s changed in your business in the last x years?” or let them know about any new services or offers. For example, perhaps the customer originally came to you for surveillance cameras, but now they would like other monitoring options added as well, such as sensors. You should make that process as easy for them as possible by staying in touch and offering services before the customer has to ask or go searching for them.  

You want to generate RMR as much as possible, letting your sales build on themselves rather than having to manually generate every new sale. If you apply these strategies you will see significant RMR growth over time. 


November 30, 2023 ESX 2023

The Electronic Security Expo (ESX), is where cutting-edge business practices meet inspiration and where visionaries and industry decision-makers get down to business. This conference and trade show for electronic security and life safety dealers, integrators, and monitoring companies is the must-attend event for industry professionals who are serious about growing their business and competing at the next level.  

“The quality of education at ESX is unmatched.” says George De Marco, ESX Chairman. “It’s all thanks to content delivered by fellow security pros who are in the trenches, running companies day in and day out. We welcome fresh perspectives from those with unique approaches, sharing best practices and ideas to empower entrepreneurs and decision-makers in effectively managing and expanding their organizations.” 

ESX offers the most comprehensive educational sessions with presenters that have real-world industry experience, and it wants security pros to offer their expertise. Today, ESX opens the application process for industry professionals to contribute to its educational program: Electronic Security Expo Presenters 

What ESX Searches for in Presenters 

One of ESX’s core objectives is to provide peer-to-peer learning opportunities to its attendees. This means that ESX’s search for presenters focuses on security dealers and integrators who have had success implementing a new practice, business model, product or service. The goal of all sessions is to deliver practical and meaningful business and industry intelligence for entrepreneurs, C-level executives, functional managers, and influencers. The ESX Advisors have identified the key topics for the 2024 education program which is set to be announced to the public in the coming months. This call for presenters officially closes on FEBRUARY 16, 2024. 


Benefits for Presenting at ESX  

  • Establishing Authority: Presenting at a conference allows speakers to showcase their expertise, positioning themselves as an authority in their fields. 
  • Networking: Presenters meet with over 50 industry experts speaking in the ESX program. Speaking at ESX provides a chance to connect with peers, potential collaborators, and even future employers or clients. Networking opportunities can extend beyond the classroom, during breaks, at social events and in our Speaker Lounge. 
  • Professional Development: Preparing and delivering a presentation requires research, organization, and effective communication skills. The process of speaking at a conference can contribute to their personal and professional development. 
  • Visibility and Exposure: Speaking at a conference can significantly increase presenter’s visibility within the industry. It puts you in front of a targeted audience, which can lead to recognition, invitations for collaborations, and even media coverage. Your company will also benefit from increased brand recognition within the industry. 
  • Contributing to the Community: Speaking at conferences is a way to give back to the professional community. By sharing your insights and experiences, you contribute to the collective knowledge base of the industry. 
  • Savings on ESX Registrations: ESX Speakers enjoy 30% off of their ESX registrations. 


ESX Education Tracks 

The sessions cover tactical advice in Sales, Operations, Management, Monitoring, and Executive Leadership to help businesses grow and stay competitive. Special emphasis is paid to building RMR or recurring revenue and on the business vertical of fire alarms. 

Operations Track: Sponsored by The Connection Xchange (TCX) 

Discover best practices that will improve your company’s operational excellence and the customer experience. Explore ways to build efficiencies in installation, service methodologies, and human resources. Examine how others are solving today’s most common operations struggles like recruiting and retaining employees, supply chain lags, truck rolls, job safety, training, and more.

Monitoring Track: Sponsored by RSPNDR Inc. 

Delivering quality security and life safety monitoring services to end-users, including cloud-based lifestyle enhancements, is mission critical 24/7. Discover best-of-breed operator training, state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, and vital monitoring processes and procedures for next-gen central stations. Learn from seasoned professionals who share best practices to maximize your 24/7 monitoring operation effectively and profitably. 

Sales Track: Sponsored by Prima  

Learn to develop your brand and go-to-market strategy to keep the focus on building your RMR. Identify complementary markets, new products, and services that will give your sales teams the edge over the competition. Explore new sales management processes that will accelerate sales performance and increase your revenues and RMR. 

Management Track: Sponsored by Napco 

Learn to implement and manage key performance indicators that help to streamline processes and improve top and bottom-line results. Find ways to build a strong culture that helps you drive transformational leadership and change throughout the organization. Examine emerging trends and leading-edge technologies that will excite your customers’ changing demands and open new markets to evolve your business. 

Executive Leadership Track 

As the saying goes, “It can be lonely at the top.” But it doesn’t have to be. The most successful business leaders never stop learning. This track is an opportunity for connecting with, learning from and growing with other C-Suite operators and owners of electronic security and life safety companies. The program will offer insights to freshen up your leadership approach and motivate your team in an intensive afternoon of workshops led by experts.

Education Session Sponsorship Options Are Available 

ESX highlights education aimed at peer-to-peer advice exchange for integrators, dealers and monitoring professionals. Manufacturers and service providers are encouraged to work with their partners to submit a speaker application. 

Educational opportunities for manufacturers and service providers to drive thought leadership around industry trends are available through sponsorship purchases, including 60 minute and 30 minute Tech Talk sessions. The Executive Leadership track is also still available for sponsorship, allowing companies to provide introductory remarks and branding alongside executive-level content provided by ESX. For more information about exhibiting and sponsoring options, visit: 


August 24, 2023 ESX 2023

Weinstock Leaders throughout history have come from all different walks of life and devoted themselves to all different causes. But they all share one common quality – they blaze a trail for others to follow in. Within the security industry, we have had many shining stars to look to who have brought us to the level of sophistication, technological achievements, and professionalism that today define our industry. It’s safe to say that many of these shining stars fashioned their pursuits by following in the footsteps of the trailblazers who came before them.  

Leading the charge in defining our industry and planting the seeds for continued growth was Morris F. Weinstock. He launched Morse Signal Devices with his brother Jack way back in 1934 in Cleveland and later moved the business to California. It grew to become the biggest independent installing and monitoring provider in the Western U.S. Then, in 1947, Morris Weinstock contacted Ben Call of Call’s Police Signal Corp. in Boston and together they hired an advertising agency to send letters to 165 independent alarm companies across the U.S. to see if they’d be on board with forming an Association dedicated to serving the evolving efforts of the alarm industry. Together with Call, Weinstock launched the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA) in 1948, now known as the Electronic Security Association (ESA), and later also served as the organization’s president 

So it was only fitting that in 1970, to honor his remarkable contributions to the industry, that the Morris F. Weinstock Award began being presented each year to an individual who followed in Weinstock’s trailblazing footsteps to advance the security industry. Since its inception, the Weinstock Person of the Year Award has always represented and recognized the best of the best, honoring someone who shines as truly stellar in the security industry. Industry advocates who have worked tirelessly in the security space have well earned this prestigious industry accolade over the years. And Jamie Vos, the 2023 Weinstock Person of the Year Award recipient, has also risen awesomely to this distinction.  

President of Washington state-based Security Solutions Northwest Inc., Vos had industry DNA in him since birth. Security Solutions NW has been in business since 1904, yes, 1904! As Vos explains, the company started off as an everything store back in 1904; it grew into locksmithing and it changed hands a few times and his Dad bought it back in the 1970s. It was his father’s military service that led him to being interested in alarm systems. “After growing the company in the ‘70s, it became clear in the ‘90s that we had to continue to grow, so we started focusing in on the electronic and life safety side of the business. We changed our name in 2004 to Security Solutions Northwest Inc. to commemorate the anniversary of the first 100 years and we haven’t looked back.”  

Indeed, Vos has always looked ahead, and his forward thinking has been instrumental in advancing the ESA and the industry itself to a higher level.  

Vos’ devotion to the electronic security and life safety industry has been evident through his years of volunteering, giving back to the industry, and most recently, working to ensure ESA is on a path of sustainability. In addition to his responsibilities as Chairman, he also played an active role with ESA subsidiaries, the Electronic Security Expo and Security America Reassurance Group. 

So what exactly was it that led Vos to become involved in the ESA some 16 years ago? The short version, Vos recalls, is that “Ultimately, my Dad was a big proponent of associations and thought it was the best way to learn from others.” That sense of humility did not fall far from his father’s tree. Vos credits so many others for catalyzing his work for the industry over the years.

I’ve been able, through the help of many different people in the industry over the years, to serve in different ways.”

Initially, Vos worked to support the industry in its government affairs efforts, and also went on to work on licensing initiatives. As timing would have it, Vos served selflessly as President of ESA and then right after as Chairman during the darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic. His prior work with ESA well prepared him to weather that storm. “It all culminated to that. When you’re faced with COVID, and that really hit during my Chairmanship as I was the last President leaving and the first Chairman coming in then – it was clear that we were at a point that we had to look at sustainable financial futures for ESA,” he recalls. He points out that trade associations are in the process of changing, and when COVID hit, he recognized that the Association needed to rely on unused revenues because its members were struggling through COVID times.

“We had to take a deep dive and I’m excited that we got through that. It was very challenging but very rewarding. A lot of organizations struggled and we came through stronger; I’m very excited about where we are today. 

In fact, when asked which accomplishments in his professional career and work with ESA he is most proud of, Vos says that coming through COVID stronger ranks among the highest. “ESA came out stronger and so did my company. Weathering that challenge, taking it head on and seeing our teams rally behind it has been so inspiring. We charged forward and both organizations came out so much stronger. And we have achieved more sustainability from a financial perspective in a time when that seemed so hard to do.” 

And while leadership definitely requires strength and tenacity, emotions also catalyze the effort. When asked how he has benefited personally and professionally from all his industry engagement and service, Vos is quick to say that so much of it comes from an emotional standpoint. “For me, personally, it’s been relationships, both personally and professionally, that gave me the opportunity to grow,” he points out. On the other hand, however, he adds that “Sometimes in business, you’re faced with challenges. If you’re coming from a place of emotion and not logic you have to re-look at it. That gives you the chance to take the next step as a leader.” 

Vos has clearly been able to strike just the right balance. In answering the questions “What does ‘service to the industry’ mean to you? What inspires you to give back?’, he humbly replies that “It’s looking outside of yourself and your business and looking at what’s best for the industry as a whole. It’s about engaging in growing the overall betterment of the industry. So many people have invested in me. Giving back comes naturally out of getting. If anything, I’ve learned that if someone can help me, I can help someone else.” 

To that end, Vos continues to set goals for advancing the Association and the industry as a whole. His primary goals are to support the efforts of the leadership coming in behind him to continue to drive a stable future for the association.  

His recognition as the 2023 Weinstock Person of the Year Award recipient was a distinction he is awed by. “The lineup of people behind me and who put the effort in to grow the Association, it is a humbling experience. So many of my friends and the power of people who came before me – it’s so extraordinary to see the level of dedication they put into it,” he says.

“I am so humbled to even be considered for and then to receive such a prestigious award, to be honest, it’s something I’ll treasure forever. Boy, I hope that I did everyone of them proud. I don’t have any other word other than humbled. I so appreciate it.” 

Much akin to Morris F. Weinstock himself, whose driving passion was to advance the goals and efforts of the security industry, Jamie Vos is driven by a deep care for the industry and possesses the humility of character to push those efforts forward graciously for the betterment of the industry as a whole.  

May many others follow in Weinstock’s footsteps and those of all of our industry icons to continue to blaze new and innovative trails for the continued advancement of our industry! 

Thank you to Resideo for sponsoring this award.


August 24, 2023 ESX 2023

Named after Electronic Security Association’s (ESA’s) former president, the Sara E. Jackson Award recognizes and honors an ESA member’s work on an association committee, task force or board. ESA Chairman John Loud presented Kirk MacDowell with the award during the opening keynote luncheon at ESX 2023. We interviewed Kirk MacDowell to get a deeper look at his professional life and the steps and people that led him here.   


Beginnings in Law Enforcement 

MacDowell began his career in law enforcement in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as a full-time deputy. Wanting to further expand his horizons, he sought out the Security Industry Association, then based out of Santa Monica. There, he met George Weinstock, who became an influential mentor in his life. George’s father was Morris Weinstock, after whom the Morris F. Weinstock Award was named. MacDowell served part-time in the sheriff’s department and part-time in the Association for 29 years. 


Volunteering for the Industry 

Since then, he has also served the electronic security industry as past chairman at Alarm Industry Research and Education Foundation (AIREF); chairman at the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC), chairman at the Leadership Identification and Nomination Committee of ESA (LINC); former board member at the Security Industry Association (SIA); former board member at The Monitoring Association (TMA); and past president of the Los Angeles County Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (LABFAA). 

MacDowell is currently the CEO at MacGuard Security Advisors Inc., which specializes in working with electronic security companies to assess business operations, review short- and long-term business initiatives, and provide blueprints for long-term success. 


Best-Practice Sharing Above Accolades  

Despite his extensive knowledge and experience, Kirk does not consider any professional achievement to be of too much importance. The most meaningful moments to him are when an old mentee approaches him and says, “Do you remember when you told me this or the other?” or “you mentored me and helped me get to x or y place.”  

“I’d rather mentor others and have them remember and use that. Because to me, that’s the legacy. What I personally do is going to be forgotten, but what I can portray and share and what others can do that knowledge will be long remembered.” says MacDowell. 

 MacDowell has served in various official and unofficial mentorship roles, including an ESA mentorship program. Over the years, he has spent a lot of his time helping others in the industry pro bono, using his years of experience for their benefit. Now, working as a consultant, he works with dealers and creators, helping them learn the skills they need in order to move forward. “I think when we serve our colleagues, our families, and our communities with a servant leadership role, we become better for it. The older I get, the more that has become clear to me.” says MacDowell 

MacDowell says he was shocked when he heard his name announced at the awards ceremony. Admittedly, he was distracted on his phone during the announcement, not expecting to hear his name called. Those around him told him afterwards his expression was of pure surprise. When we asked Kirk how he felt about receiving the award, he said he was honored but isn’t naturally comfortable with receiving awards. Instead, he told the story of Sarah E. Jackson, after whom the award is named, saying it’s critical that we remember why the award even exists in the first place. 


A Bit of Background on Sara E. Jackson 

Sara E. Jackson co-owned Denver Burglar Alarm with her husband in 1948. When her husband passed away unexpectedly, she took on full responsibility for the company. A year or two later, she was asked to step in as president for the NBFA, ESA’s precursor. Despite still being in a grieving period, she stepped up and ran the company successfully.  

“To me,” says Kirk. “When I look at receiving the Sara E. Jackson Award– if I can do half of what she did, I’m a happy guy. It means a of a lot to me [to receive this award] because she was an amazing person. I’m very honored.” 


A Thank You to Kirk MacDowell’s Mentors & Peers 

Kirk MacDowell mentioned a few mentors of his own that helped him become the leader he is today. First and foremost, were Sherman Block, the LA County Sheriff he served under, and George Weinstock. They were some of the first prime examples of good leadership Kirk encountered in his professional life. Over the years, there were many others, including Bob Cowan, Joey Chetta, who owned an alarm company, and Bob Jennison, a recipient of the Weinstock Award in California. These were all men who led by example and gave willingly, precepts Kirk strives to live by.  

“To me, it’s not about setting oneself up to be acknowledged, to win an award. It’s about taking the necessary steps to make sure that the industry is stronger, that we are better for it…It’s about trying to leave a legacy that somebody else can grab onto and say, ‘that’s who I want to be like’. I get up every morning and pray that I can be better than the day before. So, I think if we could set our sights on helping others thrive in the industry, then we’ve done our job, and we can all die happy and contented people.” 

Just hours after receiving the Sara E. Jackson Award, MacDowell also received the William N. Moody Award from SIAC for his passion to advance positive alarm management and best industry practices. 

“We salute Kirk MacDowell’s unwavering commitment to outstanding committee leadership. ESA’s achievements are shaped by the skill and expertise of volunteers like Kirk. We gratefully acknowledge his commitment to excellence by presenting him with the Sara E. Jackson Memorial Award.” says Merlin Guilbeau, CEO, of the Electronic Security Association – ESA 

The Sara E Jackson Award is not only a recognition of past accomplishments but also a testament to Kirk MacDowell’s potential to shape a better future for the industry. By honoring those who dedicate themselves to service, it creates a ripple effect that inspires others to follow in their footsteps. Congratulations, Kirk MacDowell, on this well-deserved award. 

Thank you to Telguard for sponsoring this award. 


August 23, 2023 ESX 2023
While ESX 2023 is now in the rearview mirror, security pros will have the coming months ahead to apply many of the best practices and business insights to their organizations. 

The event promises quality interactions and best practice sharing among leaders in the electronic security and life safety industry. This is THE event for education and networking in the channel — and the 2023 event delivered just that.


  • To network with industry colleagues
  • To discover new business ideas, trends, opportunities, or strategies
  • To gain industry knowledge and perspective
  • To enhance leadership, management or business skills

The show’s impact will ripple well into 2024, when the industry’s leaders will gather again June 3-6 in Louisville, KY for ESX 2024. 

87% of attendees rated these sessions VERY GOOD or EXCELLENT 


Driving Higher RMR on Every Sale
Top Reasons Why You Should Be Offering Cloud-based Access Control Systems
6 Ways to Reduce Truck Rolls, Optimize Field Services and Increase Customer Satisfaction
Keeping Score – A Better Alarm Verification Method
Fear Not – How to Raise Your RMR and Labor Rates without Losing Customers
The State of Marketing and Digital Tools for the Modern Company
Leveraging Your Existing Customer Base for Sales and RMR Growth
Understanding Recurring Revenue Financing in Today’s Climate
The Business of Fire Alarms – Part 2: Understanding Codes, Standards, and New Technologies
How to Encourage Collaboration Between Sales and Installation Staff


“Great week at ESX 2023. We’re excited to bring home new ideas to share with our team and customers!”

“An incredible week of learning and celebrating with friends from across our industry.”

“Our Preventia Security management team had such a great time at #ESX2023 in
Louisville, KY! It was a great experience for our leaders as they got to connect and network with other security professionals in our industry.”

“Some great discussion points and ideas that I took away on how to improve our operational response. Open and engaging dialog with valuable input from attendees as well.”

“This is the best national one stop place for our industry!”


August 16, 2023 ESX 2023

Real World Advice to Bring Back to Your Business.

ESX 2023, the premier educational event for the electronic security and life safety industry, left its attendees buzzing with excitement and enriched with real world knowledge. It offered a comprehensive array of educational programming, boasting over 32 meticulously curated education sessions that catered to the diverse needs of integrators. These covered various topics, allowing attendees to delve deep into the areas most relevant to their business interests and professional aspirations. 

The education sessions were separated into tracks including; Sales, Operations, Monitoring, and Management, which offered a well-rounded perspective on critical aspects of running a successful security and life safety business. Attendees had the opportunity to gain insights from industry leaders, thought-provoking speakers, and experienced professionals who shared their strategies and best practices.  

RMR Focus 

But the excellence of ESX 2023’s educational programming didn’t stop there. The event also featured specialized focuses which garnered significant attention, one being Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR).  Industry veterans shared their proven methods for increasing RMR streams and attrition reduction, empowering attendees to build stable and sustainable revenue models. 

Fire Focus 

Another compelling addition to the lineup was the sessions centered around entering the Fire business vertical. With the electronic security industry witnessing an increasing demand for integrated fire safety solutions, these sessions proved invaluable for businesses looking to diversify and tap into this market segment. 

ESX 2023’s exceptional educational programming left a lasting impact on attendees, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to thrive in an ever-changing industry landscape. As the event came to a close, participants departed with a renewed sense of enthusiasm, armed with actionable strategies. 

The Sales track was sponsored by Prima, the Operations track was sponsored by TCX – The Connection Exchange, the Management track was sponsored by Napco, the Monitoring track was sponsored by RSPNDR. 



June 7, 2023 ESX 2023

The highly anticipated event of the year for the security industry finally happened! The Electronic Security Expo opened and brought together security professionals from all over the country. ESX attracts the biggest, best, and most progressive installing and monitoring companies in the nation to meet with exhibiting electronic security equipment vendors and industry providers.

Each year, ESX is proof that it is possible to offer a show floor large enough to spotlight an incredibly wide range of security products and services, yet manageable enough to tour at a leisurely pace and drill deeply into any category. No end users. No chaotic crowds. This is a tailored educational event designed to help you grow your business. Here are some highlights of the many thing’s security pros were able to experience at this year’s ESX.

Day 1 – Monday

ESA Meetings

The Electronic Security Association, the owner of the event, jumpstarted the events at ESX with several meetings including the ESA Associate Member Meeting, ESA Annual Meeting, ESA Education Committee Meeting and Executive Management Professionals (EMP) Meeting to discuss industry trends and more. Thanks to everyone who attended the ESA Annual Meeting and supported our award winners for excellence in the industry, the installation of our newest Board members.

Executive Leadership Workshops

After the meetings attendees jumped into ESX’s Executive Leadership Workshops. These workshops were an opportunity for connecting with, learning from and growing with other C-Suite operators and owners of electronic security and life safety companies. The program offered insights to freshen up your leadership approach and motivate your team in an intensive afternoon of workshops led by experts. These leadership workshops were also led by a John Maxwell sales expert.

Opening Celebration

ESX finished Day 1 of the event right! There is no better way to take in Louisville than with live music, local beer and spirits, and a mix of local flavors as we celebrated the launch of ESX 2023! The Opening Celebration was a perfect opportunity to mix and mingle with other attendees and catch up with old industry friends in a more casual, laidback environment. This time around, the Opening Celebration had a LIVE Karaoke band to get security pros to sing the night away.


Day 2 – Tuesday

OpenXChange Breakfast

Moderated by George DeMarco, the OpenXChange Breakfast is where we talked about the newest-of-the new; technologies, services, and go-to market strategies and the changing competitive landscape that will influence the direction of our industry. Our expert panelists this year included Elizabeth Parks from Parks Associates, Bart Proctor of Pye-Barker and Tyler Tribe of Becklar. This lively panel, from various segments of the industry, focused on what’s likely to happen and how it’s going to impact your business in the near term and long run, including technologies that you should pay attention to, like ChatGPT.

Education Sessions

The education sessions continued on Tuesday. They focused on women in security, marketing, emergency response systems, reducing truck rolls and more.

Expo Open

ESX’s expo floor provides access to multiple exhibitors in varying industries such as Fire Detection, Access Control, Smart Home Building, Video Surveillance IT/Networking and so much more! Tuesday also offered 5 incredible educational sessions on sales, management, operations, monitoring and more from speakers with years of real-world experience, as well as free technical training to exhibitors and sponsors. Throughout the day, attendees were able to walk around the expo floor, observing the latest technology from exhibitors in the industry.

Keynote Luncheon

There also was the keynote luncheon on the main stage featuring Keynote Speaker Jon Acuff. Jon Acuff’s inspirational session was titled Soundtracks: How the Best Teams Overcome Overthinking to Navigate Change, Increase Productivity and Win Consistently. The Sara E. Jackson award was also presented after the Keynote to Kirk MacDowell of MacGuard Security Advisors.

Innovation Awards

The Innovation Awards recognize outstanding products and services that drive the electronic security and life safety industry forward. Our panel of ESX judges — integrator leaders from across the nation — presented the ESX Innovation Awards to products and services that offer significant growth opportunities to dealers, integrators and monitoring centers.

SIAC Awards Reception

The SIAC Awards Reception is where the Youth Scholarship award was announced. Individuals were honored throughout this networking reception, as we identified the industry’s leaders working to resolve alarm management issues. We awarded the PDQ Awards, along with SIACs William N. Moody Award.

Pub Crawl

After a day on the expo floor attendees visited the local Kentucky nightlife at the ESX Pub Crawl! Security pros shared experiences, caught up with friends and made new ones in a casual atmosphere. ESX is unique in that it offers opportunities where work meets play and industry friendships are formed.


Day 3 – Wednesday

Education Sessions

The education sessions continued through Wednesday. They focused on driving higher RMR, fire alarms, recruitment and retention, talent acquisition, sales, tracking KPI’s and more.

Expo Day 2 Activities

Attendees were able to connect with lunch on the expo floor while continuing to make connections with peers in the industry. This was a fantastic opportunity to showcase each product and service. Wednesday also held historical artifacts on the expo floor where attendees could get a unique bourbon trail tasting.

General Session

There also was the General Session on the main stage featuring Keynote Speaker Kenyon Salo. Just steps away from the expo floor, this highly energetic and engaging presentation, security pros learned how to create phenomenal experiences, share powerful stories, and help others along the way. Elevate your life, both personally and professionally.

75th Diamond Jubilee and Weinstock Celebration

The Electronic Security Association (ESA) celebrated its 75th year with a Diamond Jubilee at the Frazier History Museum with a 1920’s themed celebration. The Morris F Weinstock Celebration commemorates the accomplishments of a security professional whose lifetime achievements have made a significant impact on the industry and was presented to Jamie Vos of Security Solutions Northwest. Both events held Wednesday evening wrapped up the third day of ESX.


Last Day – Thursday

Education Sessions

With classes like How to Encourage Collaboration Between Sales and Installation Staff, and The Top Applications and Monitoring Services for Video Surveillance, Thursday was filled with education-packed sessions that have been designed to help electronic security pros move their business forward towards efficiency and productivity.

Closing Luncheon

Opening the last day of the Expo is the Closing Luncheon where former US. Army Black Hawk Pilot, Elizabeth McCormick, shared the professional development secrets for success with her stories of overcoming overwhelming obstacles, while inspiring you to soar to success! Come here for inspiration, motivation and networking with like-minded electronic security and life safety peers. This plated luncheon included programming that will inspire members of your organization to accomplish their goals and lead others to climb to higher levels of success.

Bourbon Experience

This bourbon experience was at the close of the 2023 show. Directly after the Closing Luncheon, buses picked up Bourbon Experience attendees and headed over to two distilleries. The first stop was the Evan Williams Distillery and the second was the Stitzel-Weller Distillery. Both are on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and buses then returned attendees to their ESX Host Hotels.

See You Next Year!

So far ESX 2023 is one for the books! Make sure to save the date for ESX 2024 hosted in Louisville, Kentucky June 3-6! It is bound to be another incredible experience at the Electronic Security Expo.


Check out this years ESX’s Highlights here:


June 1, 2023 ESX 2023

The Electronic Security Expo announces session speakers for ESX 2023 in Louisville, Kentucky. The ESX advisory board has spent months carefully selecting speakers from across the industry for ESX sessions, drawing from a variety of fields and expertise to bring attendees the best educational opportunities. The sessions will provide in-depth education across a variety of electronic security and fire life safety-related topics including industry innovations and evolution, RMR growth, technology advancements, professional training opportunities, and more.  

Below is our line-up of MVP speakers. Spanning across leadership, marketing, sales, and technical roles, they all have something unique to bring to the table.  


“ESX Speakers are chosen based on their experience successfully implementing an innovative process to help their companies provide better service and experiences to their customers. These professionals will share their ‘lessons learned’ with the ESX audience to help them replicate this success within their own companies.” says, Michelle Yungblut, Chief Knowledge Officer for ESA

The ESX Expo is a place where quality conversations can be had and offers more than quick product demos. Security pros can expect installation tips, merchandising, pricing, and networking activities. Since it is open to electronic security pros only, you won’t see end users here. Only Deluxe and Executive passes get access to the education and speakers listed above. Register your team today!

The ESX Management Education Track is sponsored by Napco Security, the Monitoring Track is sponsored by RSPNDR Inc., the Operations Track is sponsored by The Connection Xchange (TCX), and the Sales Track is sponsored by Prima by Napco.