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June 1, 2023 ESX 2023

The Electronic Security Expo announces session speakers for ESX 2023 in Louisville, Kentucky. The ESX advisory board has spent months carefully selecting speakers from across the industry for ESX sessions, drawing from a variety of fields and expertise to bring attendees the best educational opportunities. The sessions will provide in-depth education across a variety of electronic security and fire life safety-related topics including industry innovations and evolution, RMR growth, technology advancements, professional training opportunities, and more.  

Below is our line-up of MVP speakers. Spanning across leadership, marketing, sales, and technical roles, they all have something unique to bring to the table.  


“ESX Speakers are chosen based on their experience successfully implementing an innovative process to help their companies provide better service and experiences to their customers. These professionals will share their ‘lessons learned’ with the ESX audience to help them replicate this success within their own companies.” says, Michelle Yungblut, Chief Knowledge Officer for ESA

The ESX Expo is a place where quality conversations can be had and offers more than quick product demos. Security pros can expect installation tips, merchandising, pricing, and networking activities. Since it is open to electronic security pros only, you won’t see end users here. Only Deluxe and Executive passes get access to the education and speakers listed above. Register your team today!

The ESX Management Education Track is sponsored by Napco Security, the Monitoring Track is sponsored by RSPNDR Inc., the Operations Track is sponsored by The Connection Xchange (TCX), and the Sales Track is sponsored by Prima by Napco.


May 31, 2023 ESX 2023

The Electronic Security Association – (ESA) thanks its Premier Event Sponsor for their support in this year’s Electronic Security Expo – (ESX). This conference and tradeshow for security integration, life safety, and monitoring companies has earned a stellar reputation as the must-attend event for the industry’s most innovative and influential leaders. Beyond the tradeshow floor is an unparalleled opportunity to position organizations as a leading force in the marketplace.

 “As a leading provider of security monitoring services, we understand the crucial importance of staying ahead of technological advancements in the industry. As a premier sponsor of the Electronic Security Expo – ESX, we are proud to showcase our unwavering commitment to the industry while presenting our latest solutions to our valued dealer network. We are excited to collaborate with other industry leaders and experts at this dynamic event and continue to drive excellence in electronic security monitoring,” says Woodie Andrawos, President of National Monitoring Center (NMC).  

ESA’s top sponsorship levels afford the best spotlight possible. When this focused group comes together to share their ideas and solutions, the industry takes a bold leap forward in setting the pace for its future. We are incredibly thankful to have dedicated sponsors who allow for this incredible event to happen and continue to bring a nationwide industry together. 

Sponsorship options for ESX 2024 will commence during ESX 2023 space selection, June 6-7, 2023, and the 2024 event will be held in Louisville once again. To learn more, security manufacturers and service providers are encouraged to schedule a call with ESA’s VP of Business Development, Jessica DaCosta or ESA’s Business Development Executive Kaleigh Barraso.


May 17, 2023 ESX 2023

The Electronic Security Expo announces its 2023 OpenXchange Breakfast speakers, taking the Main Stage for open dialogue on future industry trends you should pay attention to. Electronic security and life safety professionals can expect to hear about the latest technologies, services, and go-to-market strategies changing the industry’s competitive landscape. 

Join us at the Open Xchange Breakfast to answer questions such as:  

  • How do you define success for your company?  
  • What are the top potential threats your company faces in both the near-term and long-term? (financial, operational, organizational, or regarding cybersecurity) 
  • What is ChatGPT, how does it work, and what are some possible concerns or ethical considerations when using it?  
  • What are the main challenges you face in running a successful RMR or subscription-based business, and what new models should we be considering? 
  • Where should you be concentrating your human capital?  

In a discussion led by George De Marco, ESX Chairman and Manager Partner of DECO Ventures, our industry’s visionary leaders will help you re-think the future of the industry and the direction of your company. With experience from across various fields in the security and life safety industry, including consulting, Fire and security services, and software development, our Open Xchange Breakfast speakers will help you develop more efficient strategies to succeed in the industry’s competitive landscape and take advantage of new tools and technologies to help your business grow.  

“As the security industry evolves, security professionals must adapt to the new competitive landscape and embrace the latest technologies. Whether it’s artificial intelligence, the internet of things, or new go-to-market strategies, they have the potential to transform how we approach real-world security applications and protect people, places, and things. Those who fail to stay ahead of the curve risk falling behind, while those who embrace change can reap the rewards of a more successful approach.” Says George De Marco, ESX Chairman 

Our Open Xchange Breakfast speakers include:  

Elizabeth Parks, ESX 2023 SpeakerElizabeth Parks

President & CMO, Parks Associates
Elizabeth is president of Parks Associates, a woman- and family-owned market research and consulting firm. She oversees research topics and coverage areas for the company and directs the integrated strategic communications plan for Parks Associates, including self-advertising, public relations, and marketing. Elizabeth is committed to providing clients with the best consumer and industry research and analysis on the SMB and consumer technology markets to inform strategic market decisions. 


Bart Proctor, ESX 2023 SpeakerBart Proctor

CEO and Managing Partner, Pye-Barker Fire & Safety
Bart Proctor is the CEO and managing partner of Pye-Barker Fire & Safety, the largest privately held fire, life safety and security services provider in the U.S. With Proctor at the helm, Pye-Barker has grown to span more than 150 locations across 34 states and is considered one of the fastest growing companies in the country.

Pye-Barker’s security division now makes up almost half of the company’s total revenue and is its fastest growing segment. It includes some of the largest and most respected names in protection including Mountain Alarm, Briscoe Protective, B Safe Security, Complete Security Systems, ComTronix, Mitec, ISG, Matson Alarm, Shiver Security Systems, AC Daughtry Security Systems, The Hartline Company and many others. 

Tyler Tribe, ESX 2023 SpeakerTyler Tribe

Chief Technology and Product Officer, Becklar
Tyler is a seasoned technology executive with almost three decades of experience in creating software solutions. He is passionate about helping organizations develop world-class customer and employee experiences, building strong teams, and collaborating on vision and strategy for global corporations and small and medium-sized businesses. Before joining Becklar, he spent twenty years at IBM leading global technology and product teams. 

These industry experts will provide unique insights on emerging trends that will help you navigate the changing competitive landscape, provide ideas on how best to grow your company, and pinpoint opportunities and challenges that will affect your company and the industry. During this session, you will also be encouraged to ask questions on business and industry matters that are important to you. 

This lively panel focuses on what is likely to happen and how it will impact your business in the near-term and long-term. It will cover technologies from various segments of the industry and beyond, such as ChatGPT. 

To attend the OpenXchange Breakfast, register for an ESX 2023 Deluxe Pass.  

ESX 2023’s Xchange Breakfast is sponsored by Becklar. Becklar creates industry-leading connected safety solutions for enterprises and individuals, delivering a world-class comprehensive suite of lifesaving and life-enhancing technologies. Becklar leverages its platform of innovative technology and award-winning services to create customizable and comprehensive solutions to meet the connected safety needs of their enterprise and individual customers across diverse industries, including emergency response solutions, workforce safety, personal health & safety, and event response monitoring.

The OpenXChange’s media sponsorship is provided by SecurityInfoWatch and Security Business Magazine.


April 26, 2023 ESX 2023

The industry’s leading technical training outlet — training nearly 6,000 technicians and electronic security and life safety professionals each year, will offer complimentary training at the 2023 Electronic Security Expo, June 5-8 in Louisville, KY. 

ESA’s National Training School will bring its “Life Safety Systems – Inspection and Testing” course to ESX on Tuesday, June 6. Veteran instructor Larry Mann will bring 40+ years of experience to the interactive course.

“ESA’s Nartional Training School is excited to be part of ESX again this year, in bringing technical training to the ESX audience. Testing & inspection of fire alarm systems is a perfect topic to bring to ESX as not only is this a code required procedure for fire alarm systems, but it is also a lucrative offering for companies to offer their customers.” Michelle Yungblut, Chief Knowledge Officer at the Electronic Security Assocation 

All systems fail at some point, including properly installed fire alarm systems. Therefore, it’s vital to maintain a regular cycle of inspection and testing to ensure that all parts are working correctly during their operational life. Ensure your systems are working efficiently by training your technicians in the most-up-to-date methods.  

With an extensive background in fire alarm design and layout and fire alarm project management, Larry will teach attendees the correct steps to inspect and test different kinds of fire alarm systems and their relevant components in compliance with codes and standards.  

This ESX workshop will cover:  

  • Regulations 
  • Inspections 
  • Systems Testing 
  • Control Units 
  • Initiating Devices 
  • Supervisory Devices 
  • Interfaced Systems 
  • Notification Appliances 
  • Mass Notification Systems 
  • Household Fire Alarm Systems 

Anyone in the fire alarm business knows these services are a requirement to keep up safety measures and good customer relations. However, not everyone knows that it can also be a great business channel for electronic security providers. Offering top-notch services and consistent relevant communication can help  

All registered attendees are welcome to attend this session, including Executive, Deluxe, Expo Plus and Expo Only pass holders. Register and plan your hotel stay today as deadlines are approaching. 

About Larry Mann 

After 43 active years in the Alarm and Security Industry, including 25 years with Central Station Inc, he has retired, now providing ESA National Training School technical training for access control, CCTV and fire alarm professionals and security dealers. Larry serves the industry through membership on NFPA’s 72 Fire Alarm and Signaling Code and Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., Standard Technical Panel 2572 Mass Notification and Emergency Communications, and NICET’s Ambassador program.


April 26, 2023 ESX 2023

Bring your team to ESX 2023 to access top RMR training led by the industry’s leading professionals. Learn to scale your RMR by leveraging your existing customer base and applying proven commercial sales strategies, uncovering the latest products and services to help you increase RMR. 

RMR is in many ways a structural component of the security and life safety industry. It is critical to understand how to build solid platforms to drive long-term relationships, quality referrals, solid growth, and opportunities to overlay additional complimentary RMR services.  

“Driving higher RMR delivers higher value and provides more solutions to you in your business. In the ever-competitive market, it is more important than ever to understand the basket of new products, technologies, and tips to help in this drive. Together with your active participation, we can have a great discussion about how to bring these topics together for your success.” says Jennifer Doctor, Senior Director of Product Management at Johnson Controls, and ESX RMR Session Speaker. 

Here is some information about this year’s RMR sessions: 

Driving Higher RMR on Every Sale 

Revenues are not all created equal. While having strong margins from installation revenues are vital to the overall health of a security company, RMR proves a more sustainable business practice and superchargers its enterprise value.  

Imagine making continual sales every single month without having to search for new customers every single time. This is the power of recurring revenues, and this is the RMR education that you and your team have been looking for. To create more RMR on every sale, however, requires a thoughtful approach that measures and holds your staff accountable for selling RMR on every sale. 

This RMR education session is specifically designed to help you establish best practices to promote RMR for sales and technical staff, as well as how to develop an overall culture of RMR and determine the right goals to set and measure. The ESA team is excited to see you at this session. 


Leveraging Your Existing Customer Base for Sales and RMR Growth 

The single best way to drive more sales and RMR is to leverage your current customer relationships. It seems easy to execute, but if you don’t have a strong sales process that cultivates and engages your existing customer base, it may not generate the desired result. This session has been specifically designed to help electronic security professionals gain the knowledge and strategies necessary to leverage this lucrative opportunity. The session will cover the importance of developing a purpose-driven communications strategy for keeping your customer engagement high, as well as ideas for existing customer compensation programs and sales promotion for people you’ve already done business with. You, your team, and your organization’s stakeholders can benefit from adding or increasing your recurring revenue streams, so don’t miss out.

Fear Not – How to Raise Your RMR and Labor Rates without Losing Customers 

Induced by the pandemic and inflation, the cost of running a business is rising as security professionals struggle with supply chain issues and labor shortages. Today, margins are crucial for companies to monitor, as economists debate whether inflation is transitory or more persistent. Hence, it is imperative to assess whether your RMR fees and labor rates are keeping up with the rising costs of doing business. 

In this session, you will learn that price increases are part of a successful business operation and what data you need to assess the true costs of running that business. You will also learn to recognize the right time for raising rates without incurring customer backlash and how to communicate price increases within your organization and customer base.  

“Rate increases can create a great deal of anxiety for dealers. However, with the proper planning, implementation, and a prepared response to potential customer questions, you can alleviate the stress and streamline the process. These are some of the topics I hope to explore more in my education session at ESX.” says Paul Verruto, Sales Manager at Wayne Alarm, and ESX RMR Session Speaker

Commercial Sales Strategies that Drive Higher RMR 

Led by a commercial sales veteran who understands the commercial electronic security industry and its specific needs and opportunities, this session will help you establish your brand to encourage prospects and customers to try new products and services. You will learn a collaborative sales approach that initiates a conversation with each end user to uncover their needs and desires. By developing a program that promotes upselling and cross selling, higher RMR will follow. 

It’s imperative for businesses to understand and keep up with the current commercial sales climate in order to continue growing. If you’re interested in improving your sales team and gaining more commercial clients, this session is for you.

The Business of Fire Alarms – Part 3: Recurring Revenue Rain Maker 

Significant recurring revenue streams are generated from monitoring, inspections, and maintenance service contracts. With newer codes, updated technology, and cellular signal transmission, RMR gains even more traction as these new opportunities are adopted. 

This session will cover the importance of designing and selling comprehensive post-installation programs; what people, processes, and procedures are necessary to service and maintain fire alarm installations; best practices in service delivery in the field and from the office; and the potential partnerships you should consider along the way to increase your RMR opportunity. 


“I am excited to share my insights of how to build a world class managed service program that will increase your RMR substantially. We will be discussing how to build a managed service playbook that includes, a menu of services, contracts, compensation and culture.” says John Nemerofsky, COO at SAGE Integration, and ESX RMR Session Speaker 

Register for an Executive Pass or Deluxe pass to gain access to all RMR courses at ESX this June.


April 20, 2023 ESX 2023

ESX has recently announced Carolyn Hutsen, a certified coach and trainer with the John Maxwell Leadership Team, as a speaker for the ESX 2023 Executive Leadership Workshops. With over 30 years of experience as a business owner, school district communications director, ministry leader, and non-profit senior manager, Carolyn comes to bring ESX attendees top-notch training in the John Maxwell Method, which she first encountered 15 years ago. When she discovered the program, she was excited to see it already aligned with her personal philosophies, and she naturally pursued the opportunity.

The Art of Influence:  

During this session, Carolyn emphasizes the importance of the Art of Influence and how an individual’s degree of influence affects their daily leadership experiences and interactions. Carolyn will share how to elevate leadership levels, growing and modeling personal and professional leadership.  

The Power of Asking the Right Questions:  

In this session, Carolyn will help attendees learn how to improve connections and, therefore, their teams, as well as develop more efficient ideas to help them manage, grow, and head up their businesses. The goal of this session is to increase productivity for attendees and strengthen their leadership culture and productivity. 

Carolyn’s sessions center around the idea that in business, everything rises and falls on leadership, and the essence of leadership is influence. They cover the 3 key strategies on the art of influence, as well as provide training in how to influence your team by asking the right questions and asking the right questions to find the right answers. The right answers are the key to finding the best solutions to solving your company or team’s business challenges. Through the training, you will also be able to identify what your leadership level of influence is and how to improve it.  

 Additionally, Carolyn will discuss common misconceptions about leadership and influence, outlining 5 myths about leadership and how to destroy them by replacing old thinking with new thinking.

“I am passionate about empowering individuals and teams to embrace their strengths and reach for the stars in the area of personal growth and leadership development. When you desire to explore a new career path or advance your current path, I will provide the tools, coaching strategies, and strong leadership model necessary to help you increase revenue, navigate change, and build strong and dynamic teams.” says Carolyn Hutsen



April 19, 2023 ESX 2023

According to most monitoring centers, over 70% of phone calls go unanswered. Even in today’s modern world, many alarm companies still rely on telephone calls and emails to respond during alarm activations. Therefore, it’s critical that you have top-notch systems and processes in place to handle emergency situations, and that you be able to provide the same for your customers.  

Register for an Executive or Deluxe Pass for ESX 2023, and make plans to attend this session. John Loud, founder of LOUD Security and ESA’s current chairman, will be leading this dynamic, fast-paced session, facilitating some of the industry’s top monitoring center professionals as they present their “elevator pitches” to help you and your team improve communication and customer experience. This group of industry professionals are here to help you maximize all 24/7 monitoring operations effectively and profitably. 

The session will cover:  

  • How to implement the newest monitoring services to improve customer experience and reduce attrition rates, thereby generating your company more RMR.  
  • The most effective ways to connect with customers during an alarm.  
  • The latest monitoring apps and services available to deploy to your customers today.  
  • Various ways that monitoring centers’ automation software saves time and money.  

“Come check out the significant investments and technology advances many of the remarkable monitoring centers have done recently as they showcase this in the Monitoring Shark Tank session,” says John Loud, president of LOUD Security. “You will get to see the BEST and how these investments can help you reduce your attrition with your subscribers.”  

You are guaranteed to leave this session with a deeper understanding of best practices for monitoring processes and next-gen central station procedures, as well as, how to deliver top security and life safety monitoring systems to end-users. Additionally, you will learn how to serve your customers by providing them with all and any necessary support to keep their monitoring systems in tip-top shape.  

Purchase your ESX pass now to attend the Monitoring Smart Tank Education Session at ESX 2023 in Louisville, Kentucky. Access world-class knowledge from top industry professionals and network with security leaders.  

All Executive and Deluxe pass holders have access to this and all best practice sharing sessions offered at ESX 2023. Registration prices increase May 26. 



March 22, 2023 ESX 2023

The Electronic Security Expo has announced its 2023 Executive Leadership Workshops, led by John Maxwell Leadership. These intensive leadership workshops have been built around NY Times Bestseller John Maxwell’s method for teaching leadership and influence. In business, everything rises and falls on leadership. Executive Leadership Workshops will help you establish a culture of leadership, improve collaboration and relationships — and get your team on a path of growth and development. The Executive Leadership Track will include a networking lunch for security and life safety technology leaders, followed by two workshops: 

The Art of Influence:  

During this session, Carolyn Hutsen emphasizes the importance of the Art of Influence and how an individual’s degree of influence affects their daily leadership experiences and interactions. Carolyn will share how to elevate leadership levels, growing and modeling personal and professional leadership.  

The Power of Asking the Right Questions:  

In this session, Carolyn Hutsen will help attendees learn how to improve connections and, therefore, their teams, as well as develop more efficient ideas to help them manage, grow, and head up their businesses. The goal of this session is to increase productivity for attendees and strengthen their leadership culture and productivity. 

As the saying goes, “It can be lonely at the top.” But it doesn’t have to be. The ESX Executive Leadership Track is an opportunity for connecting, learning, and growing with other C-suite operators and owners of electronic security and life safety companies. 

Motivation, drive, tenacity, and strong communication that trickles down throughout the organization is sparked. The 2023 Executive Leadership Track is an opportunity to collect insight and connections in one intensive afternoon that will enhance and recharge your leadership approach. 

“Great leaders create a positive impact on their people and their organization. Leadership training should not be underestimated, especially since most people don’t have natural leadership characteristics. Carolyn Hutsen is sure to inspire you to hone your leadership skills and encourage your leadership team to become better at decision making, communicating, problem solving, and adaptability.” says George De Marco, ESX Chairman 

For access to the Executive Leadership Workshops along with nearly 30 additional educational sessions, main stage events, food functions, networking/social opportunities, and the expo floor, register for the Executive Pass here – 



March 8, 2023 ESX 2023

Dispatching service technicians to a jobsite to check on a system issue costs time and money. Oftentimes, these truck rolls aren’t even necessary because the technical issues they were dispatched to take care of can usually be resolved remotely. Diverting personnel from money-making jobs to roll trucks is becoming a serious pain point for many security integration companies, and one that’s taking a toll on their efficiencies and their bottom lines.

Operational excellence is vital to a thriving security systems integration company. Reducing truck rolls, managing costs, and improving customer retention with best practices maximizes efficiencies and profit margins. This topic was tackled at a well-attended ESX presentation entitled “Reducing Truck Rolls through Technology and Repeatable Best Practices.” The session was led by industry veterans Rich Campbell, Training and Development Specialist for California-based RFI, and Danny Tolleson, President of Tennessee-based Turner Security.  

As the synopsis of their session indicated, “Every time you put a service vehicle on the road, your organization is burning more than just fuel. According to the Technology Service Industry Association, truck rolls cost between $150 – $500, and indirect costs potentially doubling those figures. There’s hourly wages, wear and tear on the vehicle, wrong equipment or tools, insurance and missed revenue opportunities elsewhere, including arriving late on customer sites. What if rolling a truck doesn’t solve the issue?”   

These are all key concerns to integration companies, which is why this education session was designed with the following objectives in mind:  

  • How to improve your installation practices and processes to prevent repeated service calls   
  • Best practices for routing service calls   
  • Ways to use data, software, and remote service capabilities to avoid rolling a truck   

Campbell and Tolleson know well of which they speak because they each have put new and innovative measures in place to reduce their companies’ truck rolls and, in turn, increased efficiencies. They put the “pedal to the metal” to mitigate the truck roll problem and shared their initiatives in this presentation.  

Turner Security, for example, put their Remote Help Desk into operation in January, 2021, and as a result, has since reduced its truck rolls by 30%. The upfront costs of setting up the help desk have proven well worth the investment, given the long-term cost savings. Campbell reports that RFI, which operates in California, Washington and Nevada, also implemented a Customer Support Center which allowed them to bring customer support calls in centrally.   

It averages roughly 150 tickets per month across its four branches in these three states. Service managers work in each of their branches to provide fast response, and there is one full time engineer on staff for issues requiring that expertise. Now one out of every three service calls is being addressed and remedied remotely, eliminating the need to send techs out into the field.

Campbell reports that the service managers have a script to follow with questions, akin to a triage intake, to decide if the issue can be fixed remotely or if someone has to go out. For added efficiency, their service application process is directly integrated with their payroll to ensure accurate accounting of employees’ time.

Tolleson points to the resetting of power as a common cause for service. “24% of our trucks were resetting power,” he says. His company has opted to install a NUC, which is a small computer, on all average or above average video and access control jobs. This gives quick and simple remote access. “I can do it with Z-Wave in my systems – I don’t even have to have internet to reset power remotely.” He adds that his company programs its video and access devices before they go out.

“We program ahead of time so the people I hire are only installing and hanging devices. I’m even doing my training remotely now because we need consistent training to stop the truck rolls. A training video goes to the customer when the system is sold. Then we do a webinar training when the tech is finishing the job – I want consistent training for my customers. When a service issue does arise, customers have to call our help tech desk first and rely on our knowledge base, not the manufacturer.” 

There are times, Tolleson believes, when a manufacturer’s tech support for a specific product can actually damage the customer service experience. “Having training, documentation and a solid knowledge base inside our own companies enables us to handle issues without relying on the manufacturer,” he says. “Especially now with supply chain issues, the more we can do internally, the better.”  


The ESX presentation highlighted several operational tools that help companies reduce truck rolls. A virtual system administrator (VSA) consists of tools that most remote managed services providers use to have remote access to the customer’s system. In the IT world, for example, it enables them to do things like patching and run scripts. Remote programming tools can be installed which allow service techs to access the customer’s system programming and fix an issue remotely. Monitoring center partners can also help customers diagnose what’s going on and diagnose issues via their phones. But don’t underestimate the importance of testing equipment in-house before the installation ever takes place, to ensure it is working correctly and optimally. 

RFI has opted to have a front office team and a back office team. The back office job function is centered on account maintenance, adding accounts, and billing, while the front office team helps with service-related issues. As for paperwork, the service manager at each branch does quality control of each ticket before closing it and sending it to accounting for invoicing. The service managers also hold weekly meetings with their teams to see if there are any recurring trends or better ways to solve technical issues. RFI also provides customers with written playbooks on their security programs when they complete the install, so they can refer to that playbook for troubleshooting issues internally before they may need to call for tech support.

There are several other procedures that can be implemented to ease the burden of truck rolls. In the event that is a truck does have to go out for service, GPS can help monitor where techs are and how to best route them to keep fuel expenses to a minimum. In addition, inventory reports will show if the needed parts are actually available and on the truck, or if the customer has them on their premises, so truck dispatches don’t turn out to be a waste of time. 

Building reports helps manage customer equipment. This industry tool is used for fire & life safety systems as well as fire inspections and allows customers to maintain their total cost of ownership (TCO). These reports indicate what the customer’s warranty dates are and when the equipment was installed, while also letting the integration company reference the details of each product and the type of service needed.

Password vaults and having an enterprise level password code are also crucial to a solid documentation program and helping customers quickly resolve password issues. Documenting site-specific procedures for each customer is another smart policy. For example, if you’re working with a Data Center customer, they likely need to provide a technician with a form ahead of time allowing them access with a data center escort. Or, in the case of a hospital, procedures granting access and outlining health and safety protocols that may be needed for a specific location, such as the wearing of PPE, should also be followed. Documenting site-specific procedures for each customer ensures that proper protocols are followed the first time so that a “do over” dispatch isn’t needed.  

The need to reduce truck rolls and the associated loss of revenue and productivity is becoming acutely clear to security systems integration companies everywhere. The recommendations put forth in the “Reducing Truck Rolls through Technology and Repeatable Best Practices” ESX presentation provide a strong springboard for companies looking to put a working plan in place. There are various ways to set pricing for remote service, and vary by each company’s particular business model. Some opt to implement Service Maintenance Agreements that bake in a specific price each month for the service. Others charge based on times spent, in varying increments of, for instance, 15 minutes or hourly remote support rates. Still others find it most beneficial to outsource their service calls to a Managed Service Provider.  

Finding effective ways to reduce truck rolls, as evidenced by RFI and Turner Security’s efforts, can help security integration companies better manage costs, improve customer retention, and maximize efficiencies and profit.  

To gain access to more educational programming that focuses on tactical, real-world advice for security pros, secure your Deluxe or Executive ESX Registration pass here.


February 8, 2023 ESX 2023

The Electronic Security Expo (ESX), presented by Electronic Security Association (ESA), has released its full educational lineup for 2023. The conference will take place at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky on June 5-8, 2023. 

In addition to its main stage presentations, engaging networking opportunities, and interactive expo floor, ESX 2023 will bring over 30 educational sessions spanning four tracks and two additional focus areas carefully designed for security professionals. The sessions cover tactical advice in Sales, Operations, Management, Monitoring, and Executive Leadership to help businesses grow and stay competitive.

Special emphasis is paid to building RMR or recurring revenue and a special three-part series will delve deep into the business of fire alarms. 

Attendees who are looking to address a specific business challenge or opportunity can look at the collection of focused sessions, with specialties designed to meet the needs of all managers from your company, including installation and service, finance, executive leadership, sales and marketing and more.

80% of ESX 2022 attendees rated best-practice sharing sessions “Excellent” or “Very Good.” 


Learn to develop your brand and go-to-market strategy to keep the focus on building your RMR. Identify complementary markets, new products, and services that will give your sales teams the edge over the competition. Explore new sales management processes that will accelerate sales performance and increase your revenues and RMR. Sessions in Sales Track:  



Discover best practices that will improve your company’s operational excellence and the customer experience. Explore ways to build efficiencies in installation, service methodologies, and human resources. Examine how others are solving today’s most common operations struggles like recruiting and retaining employees, supply chain lags, truck rolls, job safety, training, and more. Sessions in Operations Track:  



Learn to implement and manage key performance indicators that help to streamline processes and improve top and bottom-line results. Find ways to build a strong culture that helps you drive transformational leadership and change throughout the organization. Examine emerging trends and leading-edge technologies that will excite your customers’ changing demands and open new markets to evolve your business. Sessions in Operations Track:  



Delivering quality security and life safety monitoring services to end-users, including cloud-based lifestyle enhancements, is mission critical 24/7. Discover best-of-breed operator training, state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, and vital monitoring processes and procedures for next-gen central stations. Learn from seasoned professionals who share best practices to maximize your 24/7 monitoring operation effectively and profitably. Sessions in Monitoring Track:  


Bonus best-practice sharing sessions and sessions in ESX’s exclusive Executive Leadership Track to be announced soon. 

“The industry continues to be faced with a changing competitive landscape that is relentless and unforgiving.” says George DeMarco, ESX Chairman “Albert Einstein once said, ‘Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.’ In the same vein: Business is like riding a bicycle, to keep your competitive edge, you must keep moving forward. ESX educational sessions can help with that, teaching security professionals how to stay balanced, keep their competitive edge and keep moving forward. ”

“The educational sessions will cover a variety of topics such as developing sales consultants and leaders, finding technical staff, understanding next-gen residential and commercial applications and services, and tips on building your recurring revenue. ESX is focused on taking you and your team to the next level, on a smooth, successful ride to the top.” says George DeMarco, ESX Chairman

All educational sessions for ESX are curated and taught by the industry’s top electronic security and life safety technology pros, who are passionate about sharing their experience and helping security businesses grow and succeed. ESA and its partners are eager to help companies drive growth, improve their customer experience, and prepare for the future. Come bring your team to learn from the industry’s best and take home top knowledge and tips to help your business grow. 

“I don’t know of a more insightful convention to attend. This was the most beneficial 3 days of my career. I’m left with a ton of ideas I can’t wait to share with my colleagues.” says one ESX attendee.

For access to these classes, Executive or Deluxe Passes are required at registration. Register your team at