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August 23, 2023 ESX 2023
While ESX 2023 is now in the rearview mirror, security pros will have the coming months ahead to apply many of the best practices and business insights to their organizations. 

The event promises quality interactions and best practice sharing among leaders in the electronic security and life safety industry. This is THE event for education and networking in the channel — and the 2023 event delivered just that.


  • To network with industry colleagues
  • To discover new business ideas, trends, opportunities, or strategies
  • To gain industry knowledge and perspective
  • To enhance leadership, management or business skills

The show’s impact will ripple well into 2024, when the industry’s leaders will gather again June 3-6 in Louisville, KY for ESX 2024. 

87% of attendees rated these sessions VERY GOOD or EXCELLENT 


Driving Higher RMR on Every Sale
Top Reasons Why You Should Be Offering Cloud-based Access Control Systems
6 Ways to Reduce Truck Rolls, Optimize Field Services and Increase Customer Satisfaction
Keeping Score – A Better Alarm Verification Method
Fear Not – How to Raise Your RMR and Labor Rates without Losing Customers
The State of Marketing and Digital Tools for the Modern Company
Leveraging Your Existing Customer Base for Sales and RMR Growth
Understanding Recurring Revenue Financing in Today’s Climate
The Business of Fire Alarms – Part 2: Understanding Codes, Standards, and New Technologies
How to Encourage Collaboration Between Sales and Installation Staff


“Great week at ESX 2023. We’re excited to bring home new ideas to share with our team and customers!”

“An incredible week of learning and celebrating with friends from across our industry.”

“Our Preventia Security management team had such a great time at #ESX2023 in
Louisville, KY! It was a great experience for our leaders as they got to connect and network with other security professionals in our industry.”

“Some great discussion points and ideas that I took away on how to improve our operational response. Open and engaging dialog with valuable input from attendees as well.”

“This is the best national one stop place for our industry!”


August 2, 2023 ESX 2023


The Electronic Security Expo (ESX) is the largest tradeshow open exclusively to security professionals, providing a platform for industry experts to gather and exchange knowledge, insights, and experiences. In addition to the wealth of information available through education sessions and the expo floor, ESX offered various networking opportunities that contribute to professional growth and relationship building. 

Opening Celebration with a Live Karaoke Band 

The kickoff networking event for ESX was the Opening Celebration, which set the tone for the entire event. This lively gathering offers security professionals an opportunity to come together in a relaxed and entertaining environment. The presence of a live karaoke band adds a unique element of fun, encouraging attendees to unleash their inner rock star or dance along while their fellow security pros hit the main stage. Attendees were also provided with local beer and spirits and a mix of local Louisville, Kentucky flavors. This event cultivates a sense of camaraderie among participants, fostering connections that extend beyond professional interests. 

Sponsored By: Affiliated Monitoring 

The Pub Crawl 

At the pub crawl, ESXers visited the local Louisville nightlife while engaging in meaningful conversations with friends within the industry. By visiting multiple local establishments, attendees have the chance to interact with new people, fostering new connections and expanding their network. The relaxed and social atmosphere of the pub crawl encourages open dialogue, enabling individuals to exchange ideas, best practices, and industry insights in a relaxed setting. The pub crawl is an excellent avenue for establishing long-lasting relationships that extend beyond the confines of the tradeshow. 

 Sponsored By: immix and JLM Wholesale 

Weinstock Celebration

ESX’s Weinstock Celebration was the event that honored and recognized ESA’s Weinstock Person of the Year, Jamie Vos, for his outstanding achievements and service within the industry. In addition to celebrating this award, it was also ESA’s Diamond Jubilee which commemorated the association’s 75th anniversary. This milestone signifies the ESA’s long-standing commitment to the industry and offers attendees and ESA Members a chance to connect and reflect on how the association and its many volunteers contributed over the years. The event was 1920’s themed, and attendees were encouraged to dress in their finest prohibition-era attire while enjoying some giggle juice and exploring the Frazier History Museum in Louisville.

Sponsored By: Resideo 


May 19, 2023 ESX 2023



Grab your 1920s glad rads and meet us for a night of socializing, giggle juice, live music and celebration! We will celebrate ESA’s 75th year and our Weinstock Person of the Year at a Louisville Juice Joint! What do you say flappers and jazz age gentlemen – let’s see your finest 1920’s attire!

Location: Frazier History Museum, 829 W Main St, Louisville, KY WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7, 2023 | 6:00 – 7:30PM



April 25, 2023 ESX 2023

The ESX Pub Crawl is a great casual way to interact with other professionals in the electronic security and life safety industry. This is where work meets play and industry friendships are formed. The Pub Crawl is open to all pass holders.

The ESX Community is a group of passionate professionals who share, learn and brainstorm each year to elevate their game — both personally and professionally. To create and support this community, ESX focuses on quality engagements and creative ways to encourage interactions and break the ice. It’s time to rethink what an industry event should offer. Stop settling for shallow interactions that leave you lost in a crowd — and join a community of passionate security professionals ready to make a difference.

“Going to the ESX Pub Crawl is a fun and memorable experience, as you get to explore different pubs and bars, try out new drinks, and listen to great music. It’s a terrific way to build relationships, network, and enjoy the company of like-minded people.” says George De Marco, ESX Chairman 

Visit the local Louisville nightlife with industry friends. The ESX Pub Crawl is an exciting opportunity to share experiences, catch up with friends and make new ones in a casual atmosphere. See you there!

STOP 1: 7:30 – 8:30PM

Omni Louisville: The Library Bar and Pin + Proof Speakeasy

400 S 2nd St., Louisville, KY 40202

STOP 2: 8:30 – 9:30PM

The Sports & Social Club

427 S. Fourth St., Louisville, KY 40202

STOP 3: 9:30PM – ??

Howl at the Moon

434 S. 4th St., Louisville, KY 40202


January 11, 2023 ESX 2023

Established in 1948, the Electronic Security Association has worked diligently over the years in providing its members with first-class benefits that have become widely recognized in the industry. Security pros are invited to celebrate its 75th Diamond Jubilee at ESX 2023 in Louisville, KY.

George DeMarco, ESX Chairman says “It is an honor for ESX to be the host event for celebrating ESA’s 75 years of service to the electronic security and life safety industry. Reaching this milestone for the industry’s oldest trade organization is remarkable and is a testament to its founding members and all the subsequent volunteers and staff that contributed greatly over the years. ESX 2023 will be extra special as we celebrate this amazing milestone with ESA.” 

The ESA 75th Diamond Jubilee with take place at The Frazier History Museum on June 7th, 5:30 – 7:00 pm.  In addition to celebrating the association’s 75 years of service, we will also commemorate ESA’s Morris F. Weinstock Person of the Year Award — the association’s most prestigious honor. Enjoy great conversation, live music, local Louisville fare and more at THE industry event of the year! The Weinstock Celebration and ESA 75th Diamond Jubilee is open to all Executive, Deluxe and Expo Plus pass holders. 

At ESX, we provide a platform to expand your team’s leadership skills and mindset. The educational and networking opportunities expose next-gen leaders to industry and business thought leaders who can bring multi-disciplinary and cross-functional perspectives and solutions into focus” says George. 

Registration for ESX 2023 is now open and security pros can secure the best rates by registering their teams by April 7th. Additionally, ESX has negotiated special hotel rates within walking distance of the expo at The Galt House, Omni Louisville, Courtyard Louisville, and Embassy Suites.  

We are excited to see you and your team at the industry’s most highly- anticipated celebration of the year! Register here 


December 13, 2022 ESX 2023

ESX is Security Connected, immersing dedicated security professionals in a niche pro-installed environment, where they are provided actionable ideas, strategies, and collaboration opportunities to move the industry forward. ESX is where the industry gathers. 

“ESX is a great place to keep up on new technologies, make connections and reassess your vision and direction for your company.” says George DeMarco, ESX Chairman “Getting ‘plugged in’ to your industry accelerates your professional development and helps you and your team gain valuable and thoughtful insights. Great networking opportunities are a catalyst for personal growth and business success, giving your organization a better opportunity to attain operational and financial excellence,” DeMarco continues 

Bring The Team to ESX 

Registration is open for the ESX 2023, and offers several attendance options, including access to the Expo Only and an Executive pass for access to exclusive leadership sessions. Discounted prices on all registration types expire April 7th, 2023. Additionally, ESX offers a special where if 4 security pros register for the same pass, they can receive a 5th for free. This creates an opportunity to bring your whole team to ESX for best practice sharing at a discounted cost. 

ESX attendees learn new skills, make new connections, get exposed to new products, and inspirational moments. ESX is a meaningful event open exclusively to the professional security and life safety integrator and is designed to allow passionate professionals the ability to learn more, share more and interact more. No chaotic crowds. Just tailored networking and educational sessions designed to help you and your team grow your business. 

Here are four things you and your team can expect to experience by attending ESX: 

Skill Development 

ESX features keynote presentations and educational sessions from industry experts and influencers. These presentations aim to teach attendees new skills, best practices, and provide actionable takeaways to achieve long-term success. If you and your team are attentive and eager to learn, they’ll leave with new tools and ideas to incorporate into their day-to-day workflow. 

“Best education sessions I have ever attended.” 

Networking Opportunities 

ESX differs from other industry tradeshows as it focuses on quality engagements and creative ways to encourage interactions that break the ice. ESX attendees can expect (# of networking events ) that focus on shared experiences that forge lasting connections, including the Opening Celebration, The Pub Crawl, and the ESA’s Weinstock Celebration where security pros will honor the Morris F Weinstock Person of the Year and ESA’s 75th Year, The Diamond Jubilee. 

“ESX has always been a great social event to meet new people and strengthen relationships with both new and existing peers” 

Experience New Products 

Be more than just a badge scan. The expo floor is open exclusively to security and life safety integration and monitoring professionals; it isn’t diluted or redirected for end users. It is a targeted resource for productive business conversations and features the latest products and services in categories, including access control; video surveillance; central station technology; intrusion and fire alarms; custom electronics; IT and networking; monitoring services; identification systems, and more. 

Additionally, ESX is the event to promote your products or services. If you are interested in sponsorship and expo booth options, take a look at ESX’s sponsorship brochure here: 

“The quality of the conversations that we’ve had and the leads that are going to be coming out of this have been fantastic.” says Steven Coughlin, Account Executive at Bold Group and exhibitor at ESX 2022   

Be Inspired 

Everybody’s motivation dips from time to time. When you go through the same routine every single day, it’s natural to lose focus or burn out. ESX provides a great opportunity to step away from the day-to-day grind and experience something fresh and exciting. You and your team will build skills and gain actionable insights while at ESX, but they will also feel reinvigorated after spending time in a new, high-energy atmosphere. You may think that spending time out of the office will hurt productivity – but once your employees return, they will likely be more productive than ever thanks to their newfound motivation and inspiration. 

“I don’t know of a more insightful convention to attend. This was the most beneficial 3 days of my career.” 


September 20, 2022 ESX 2023

With Speaker Sherry Vidal Brown, PHD, SMU Cox School of Business 

When it comes to hiring, it can be challenging to identify who could be the right fit for the company, and sometimes new hires are not well suited for a specific job. So how do we find a “team player” and someone who will be a successful new hire?  

Your Company’s Brand is Your Hiring North Star 

Sherry Brown, leader of this Leadership Workshop, recommends that as a company it is important to first understand and define what it is and what its values are. This is integral because if your company’s core values are “working as a team” then you to look into new hires that share that value as well. Once hiring managers are aware of specific company values, they can know who their target audience is and who to target with job postings. Hiring new talent means looking at what sets them apart from everyone else. Managers should also have proficient interviewing skills, have questions tailored to core value and brand, and know how to screen resumes based on the company’s values and needs. When a company knows what their brand is, it is easy to identify who falls in line with that brand and message as an employee. 

Retaining The Talent 

Retaining employees has been a challenge in the market for a few years now. So how do you make sure that your talent doesn’t walk away? The importance comes from being able to hire someone that falls in line with the company goals and values. If an employee can see career growth and is in tune with the company culture, benefits, and environment then it will be very hard for them to walk away. It is well known that when employees feel seen, valued and taken care of by their employers they prefer to stay long-term at their jobs. 

Fulfill Your Brand’s Promise 

However, this is all easier said than done. Sherry Brown says it is important for companies to be consistent in their branding, values, and culture as well as how they treat and value their employees. The company should do assessments of itself to screen if they are living out their core values and brand message for their employees. This is a key factor in being able to retain talent. Employees want to know that their employers care and respect them.  

Ultimately, Sherry Brown tells us that firstly, companies need to be able to identify “who” they are as a whole in terms of culture, values and branding. Secondly, identify specific talent based on who they are and see if they are a good match for that. Thirdly, have managers be able to screen successfully with interview questions tailored specifically to those core values. Last but not least, keeping your employees cared for by implementing your brand’s promise goes a long way and will result in long lasting employment.  


August 31, 2022 ESX 2023

The UNevent for Quality Interaction and Collaboration. 

The ESX Community is a group of passionate professionals who share, learn and brainstorm each year to elevate their game — both personally and professionally.  

To create and support this community, ESX focuses on quality engagements and creative ways to encourage interactions and break the ice. It’s time to rethink what an industry event should offer. Stop settling for shallow interactions that leave you lost in a crowd — and join a community of passionate security professionals ready to make a difference.  

As an intimate event that focuses on relationships, ESX is defined by the passionate professionals who attend. Networking events focus on shared experiences that forge lasting connections, and the expo floor is designed to give adequate time for in-depth discussions.  

By providing these opportunities, ESX becomes a launchpad for new ideas, plans and partnerships that move the industry forward. The networking events included the Opening Celebration and Pub Crawl, and the ESA’s Weinstock Celebration.

Opening Celebration

The 2022 Opening Celebration, sponsored by Affiliated Monitoring, welcomed security pros with live music and great conversations after a few years away from an in-person ESX.

The Pub Crawl 

The Pub Crawl made stops at The Library for games and live music and pros took to the mic for a night of singing at Pete’s Dueling Pianos. Stops were sponsored by JLM Wholesale and immix.

Weinstock Celebration

ESX’s NEW Weinstock Celebration provided an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of the 2022 Morris F. Weinstock Person of the Year, Steve Firestone, at ACRE Distilling. Pros were treated to live music, liquor tasting, cigar rolling, and more — all sponsored by ESA’s Diamond Partner, Resideo. 



August 31, 2022 ESX 2023
While the first ESX back in-person in two years is now in the rearview mirror, security pros will have the coming months ahead to apply many of the best practices and business insights to their organizations. 

The event promises quality interactions and best practice sharing among leaders in the electronic security and life safety industry. This is THE event for education and networking in the channel — and the 2022 event delivered just that. 

The show’s impact will ripple well into 2023, when the industry’s leaders will gather again June 5-8 in Louisville, KY for ESX 2023. 

26 Best Practice Sharing Educational Sessions from Tracks Including: 

80% of attendees rated these sessions VERY GOOD or EXCELLENT 

Top 5 Factors Before Entering the Multifamily Market 
Leveraging Data: Analytics that Drive Customer Experience, Sales and RMR  
7 Practical Ways to Become a Better Boss 
Handling Contract Modification Risks 
Monitoring Smart Tank – Next Gen Tech That Reduces False Alarm Dispatches and Attrition 
Powerful Hacks to Grow Your Recurring Revenue 
Supercharge Residential Sales with Innovative Products and Services  
Reducing Truck Rolls Through Technology and Repeatable Best Practices 
New Monitoring Trends and Practices That Reduce False Alarm Dispatches 
Rise of the Machine – When and How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence  
Best Practices for Promoting Your Company Via Social Media 
Monitoring Center Benchmarking: Track. Measure. Manage.  
The Connected Experience – Security. Convenience. Privacy. 
Fire Alarms – New Codes, Services and Technology that Drive RMR 
Monitoring Innovation in Action 
The Internet of Litigation: Security. IoT. Cyber Attacks. 
Improve Customer Retention by Understanding Attrition 

71% of respondents say “I will stay in touch with a new peer relationship sparked at ESX.” 

“ESX is a tremendous opportunity to engage with my industry colleagues in an environment that fosters healthy competition and growth. There are numerous opportunities to educate and grow for the next generation of security industry leaders!”

“ESX is EFFECTIVE! It’s loaded with good education for me and my colleagues, and it has relevant content. I also appreciate the “healthy competition” it fosters.” 

“ESX has always been a great social event to meet new and strengthen relationship with both existing suppliers and new suppliers”

“ESX has a great mix of education, networking, motivational, and social time.”



March 8, 2022 ESX 2023

ESX is about more than badge scans. It is about quality conversations, problem-solving, and bringing the industry together to move it forward. When asked “Did you have quality conversations at ESX?” Attendee survey responses were clear…

YES MANY, MANY TIMES OVER! Had several great conversations relating to market trends and sales strategies” says one ESX Attendee

The Electronic Security Expo (ESX) is quickly becoming the “UNevent,” redefining the traditional purpose of industry shows within the electronic security and life safety channel. With a mission to bring leaders together to learn more, share more and interact more, this year’s event held in Fort Worth will be just that. ESX 2022 is #SecurityConnected, immersing dedicated security professionals in a niche pro-installed environment, where they are provided actionable ideas, strategies, and collaboration opportunities to move the industry forward. It’s a more modern take on the traditional expo, where education and advice take the lead over sales pitches. See the ESX lineup of educational sessions, here.

After attending ESX, attendee Jonathan Schweiger, CEO of SmartTek Systems said the following — “I’ve been in the security industry for a little over 30 years now. I learned more in the past two days than I have since returning to the industry two years ago, — This may have been my first ESX, but it will not be my last! —

“While ISC has its purpose — ESX’s purpose is completely different. Aside from it being more intimate, it pulls the industry together — to work collaboratively in a positive, productive way by focusing on solutions, not staying stuck in the problem.”

The event — owned by Electronic Security Association — has invested significant resources in ensuring quality education is delivered at registration prices that allow integration and monitoring companies of all sizes to bring their leadership teams — elevating the industry as a whole. “ESX proved to be the most valuable industry event for our company’s leadership team. The program, setting, and networking activities were amazing,” says Pat Sparrow, Director of Business Development, Telsco Security. 

At ESX 2022, you won’t just hear rattled off product features. Come prepared to tap exhibitors for advice on marketing, sales, installation training, merchandising and more. Since ESX is open exclusively to electronic security and life safety professionals, exhibitors are able to better target their conversations —it’s a more focused experience for everyone.  

ESX Passes range from free options to $699 for the new ESX Executive Pass. Prices will increase April 1. Visit for more.