ESX 2023

General Session

Featuring Kenyon Salo

Wednesday, June 7
11:15AM – 12:45PM


"The Bucket List Life”
Create More Experiences, Share More Stories, and Live More Fulfilled!

Kenyon Salo will show you how his three simple concepts of living “The Bucket List Life” will guide you to fulfillment on your life-long journey. During this highly energetic and engaging presentation, you will learn how to create phenomenal experiences, share powerful stories, and help others along the way. Elevate your life, both personally and professionally.

Kenyon delivers high energy, powerful, and heart touching content to help you create incredible experiences, connect with others, and live life more fulfilled.

He is one of the top keynote speakers and trainers for businesses and schools in the fields of motivation, inspiration, and adventure.

He has dedicated himself to living life to the fullest and helping others do the same. Through his passions for adventure, storytelling, and connecting with people, he found a simple process that he will share to guide us on a path to what most of us crave – living a more fulfilled life.

The ESA Weinstock Person of the Year

Will be Unveiled During this Session

ESX General Session

The 2023 ESX General Session will be held on the ESX Main Stage. Come here for inspiration, motivation and networking with like-minded electronic security and life safety peers. Learn to elevate your life, both personally and professionally at this session. Executive, Deluxe and Expo Plus pass holders have access to this session. Register here.

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