ESX 2023

Closing Luncheon

Featuring Elizabeth McCormick

Thursday, June 8
11:30AM – 12:30PM


First Lead Yourself

Former US. Army Black Hawk Pilot, Elizabeth McCormick, shares the professional development secrets for success with her stories of overcoming overwhelming obstacles, while inspiring you to soar to success!

She uses her experience becoming a Blackhawk helicopter pilot and her time in the military to illustrate lessons that can make us all stronger and more satisfied with our lives and our careers.”

  • Unlock the key to boosting YOUR confidence, elevating your effectiveness with customers and co-workers

  • Prove the power of language on your personal power and your impact on those around you

  • Discover the key success principle while learning to FLY a helicopter (Yes, really!)

  • Soar to a higher level of advancement through influencing others to lead

As a decorated former US Army Black Hawk Helicopter pilot, Elizabeth flew command and control, air assault, rappelling, top-secret intelligence missions, and also transported high level government VIPs including the Secretary of Defense.

ESX Closing Luncheon

The 2023 ESX Keynote Luncheon will be held on the ESX Main Stage. Come here for inspiration, motivation and networking with like-minded electronic security and life safety peers. This plated luncheon will include programming that will inspire members of your organization to accomplish their goals and lead others to climb to higher levels of success. Executive, Deluxe and Expo Plus pass holders have access to this luncheon. Register here.