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Electronic Security Expo


April 5, 2023 ESX 2023

Early Bird Registration for The Electronic Security Expo (ESX) expires at midnight Friday, April 7. Prices for the event will increase up to $100 per person. Security professionals whose companies are members of the Electronic Security Association will continue to receive discounted rates on every registration. Teams are encouraged to register and teams of five people registering for the same pass get the fifth registrant free.

The event designed by and for electronic security and life safety integrators/dealers will be held June 5-8 at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

“ESX is a great place to keep up on new technologies, make connections and reassess your vision and direction for your company.” says George DeMarco, ESX Chairman “Getting plugged in to your industry accelerates your professional development and helps you and your team gain valuable and thoughtful insights. Great networking opportunities are a catalyst for personal growth and business success, giving your organization a better opportunity to attain operational and financial excellence,” De Marco continues 

In addition to the expo experience, dealers, integrators, and monitoring professionals with the Deluxe or Executive Pass will have access to quality education driven by peers and thought leaders with real-world advice. It has been boasted as the strongest educational programming in the industry. Over 80% of ESX 2022 attendees rated the education sessions VERY GOOD or EXCELLENT. The 2023 ESX Education Sessions ESX 2023’s education sessions will be divided into the 4 following tracks: 

  • Sales: Learn to develop your brand and go-to–market strategy to keep the focus on building your RMR. Identify complementary markets, new products and services that will give your sales teams the edge over the competition. Explore new sales management processes that will accelerate sales performance and increase your revenues and RMR. 
  • Operations: Discover best practices that will improve your company’s operational excellence and the customer experience. Explore ways to build efficiencies in installation, service methodologies and human resources. Examine how others are solving today’s most common operations struggles like recruiting and retaining employees, supply chain lags, truck rolls, job safety, training and more. 
  • Management: Learn to implement and manage key performance indicators that help to streamline processes and improve top and bottom-line results. Find ways to build a strong culture that helps you drive transformational leadership and change throughout the organization. Examine emerging trends and leading-edge technologies that will excite your customers’ changing demands and open new markets to evolve your business. 
  • Executive Leadership: These exclusive workshops will provide attendees with access to experts from a variety of fields to offer a deep dive into valuable insights that stretch leaders and unlock new opportunities for growth in their organizational, personal and interpersonal lives. Workshop speakers will cover areas that hone in on building skills to be a better leader, coach, and influencer so that participants can enhance their companies’ success through encouraging innovation and collaboration amongst their teams. This education track is open to ESX Executive Pass holders only. 

In addition to these tracks, education can also be organized into RMR and fire focuses. 

ESX differs from other industry tradeshows as it focuses on quality engagements and creative ways to encourage interactions that break the ice. ESX attendees can expect a diverse blend of networking events that focus on shared experiences that forge lasting connections, including the Opening Celebration, Pub Crawl, and the ESA’s 75th Diamond Jubilee and Weinstock Celebration where security pros will honor the Morris F Weinstock Person of the Year and ESA’s 75th anniversary. 


March 22, 2023 ESX 2023

The Electronic Security Expo has announced its 2023 Executive Leadership Workshops, led by John Maxwell Leadership. These intensive leadership workshops have been built around NY Times Bestseller John Maxwell’s method for teaching leadership and influence. In business, everything rises and falls on leadership. Executive Leadership Workshops will help you establish a culture of leadership, improve collaboration and relationships — and get your team on a path of growth and development. The Executive Leadership Track will include a networking lunch for security and life safety technology leaders, followed by two workshops: 

The Art of Influence:  

During this session, Carolyn Hutsen emphasizes the importance of the Art of Influence and how an individual’s degree of influence affects their daily leadership experiences and interactions. Carolyn will share how to elevate leadership levels, growing and modeling personal and professional leadership.  

The Power of Asking the Right Questions:  

In this session, Carolyn Hutsen will help attendees learn how to improve connections and, therefore, their teams, as well as develop more efficient ideas to help them manage, grow, and head up their businesses. The goal of this session is to increase productivity for attendees and strengthen their leadership culture and productivity. 

As the saying goes, “It can be lonely at the top.” But it doesn’t have to be. The ESX Executive Leadership Track is an opportunity for connecting, learning, and growing with other C-suite operators and owners of electronic security and life safety companies. 

Motivation, drive, tenacity, and strong communication that trickles down throughout the organization is sparked. The 2023 Executive Leadership Track is an opportunity to collect insight and connections in one intensive afternoon that will enhance and recharge your leadership approach. 

“Great leaders create a positive impact on their people and their organization. Leadership training should not be underestimated, especially since most people don’t have natural leadership characteristics. Carolyn Hutsen is sure to inspire you to hone your leadership skills and encourage your leadership team to become better at decision making, communicating, problem solving, and adaptability.” says George De Marco, ESX Chairman 

For access to the Executive Leadership Workshops along with nearly 30 additional educational sessions, main stage events, food functions, networking/social opportunities, and the expo floor, register for the Executive Pass here – 



March 22, 2023 ESX 2023

The Electronic Security Expo (ESX) has long been known as the premiere event for security owners and executives, who can take advantage of the best education and networking opportunities in the industry. This year, ESX heads to downtown Louisville, KY., from June 5-8 with the education and expo taking place in the Kentucky International Convention Center.  

ESX 2023 launches with the Opening Celebration on Monday, June 5, 2023, and ends with the Closing Keynote at noon on June 8. Owned and operated by ESA, ESX brings together the best and brightest professionals in the electronic security and life safety industry. This event is your opportunity to expose your team to relevant content, interactive formats, and fresh ideas. 

ESX’s educational program delivers best practices and new concepts to help grow your business. Peer-to-peer driven seminars are boasted as the strongest educational opportunities in the market. Bring the team and discover 30 plus sessions that can impact your business. 

ESX offers the best opportunity to gain valuable insight about product and market information and to build connections that will grow and sustain your business for years to come. The educational content will deliver more opportunities than ever to help your team grow in their roles. Plus, as your team grows smarter and more efficient, the positive impact on your company becomes much greater.   

The education and networking programs are designed to provide value for every team member — from owners and senior executives to installation and service professionals, central station operators, sales managers, salespeople, marketing staff, and more.  

Effective teams are built upon shared experiences. The ESX community is a group of passionate professionals who share, learn and brainstorm with each other to elevate their game — both personally and professionally.  

You’ll maximize your return by bringing team members who can divide and conquer the education program and expo floor and as an added incentive, you’ll secure discounted registration rates when you bring four or more people from your company.  

Making an investment in the development of your staff has proven to increase job satisfaction, team morale and employee motivation. Visit to register your team — register 4 people for the same pass and get the 5th FREE! 


March 14, 2023 ESX 2023

The Electronic Security Expo features some of the industry’s strongest best practice sharing experiences for electronic security and life safety integrators, dealers, and monitoring stations. Often, business owners bring entire management teams from operations, installation/service, marketing, sales, and executive leaders to gain insight and develop a network of peers nationwide. 



The education program focuses on tactical, real-world advice for security pros to take back to the office and implement immediately. Plus, with a nationwide footprint, there’s not as much worry about sharing your “secret sauce” with direct competitors. So, whether you’re struggling with incentivizing your sales team to build RMR, reducing truck rolls, M&A advice, or knowing what KPIs to watch to ensure you’re working toward building a strong asset – the 2023 ESX Educational Programming has answers for you. 

If this sounds like “music to your ears” the Deluxe and Executive Passes are right for you.

These two selections will get you access to the educational program, main stage sessions, food functions, networking/social events and the expo floor. Exhibitor-offered training — or Tech Talks —are included in all pass types and focuses on technology specifically. 



Executive Leadership Pass 

So, what’s the difference between the Executive Leadership and the Deluxe Passes? While the Deluxe Pass grants you full access to our best practice education program (nearly 30 sessions), the Executive Leadership workshops were custom built for your C-level executives. It can be lonely at the top — but this is where the motivation, drive, tenacity, and strong communication that trickles down throughout the organization is sparked. Rather than peer-led advice, these structured sessions are driven by experts.

In 2023, ESX’s Executive Leadership Workshops will feature John Maxwell’s renowned leadership training. These intensive workshops will help you establish a culture of leadership, improve collaboration and relationships — and get your leaders on a path of growth and development. John C. Maxwell is a #1 New York Times best-selling leadership author, coach, and speaker who has sold over 24 million books in fifty languages. Often called America’s #1 leadership authority, Maxwell was identified as the most popular leadership expert in the world by Inc. magazine. 

The Executive Leadership workshops will be led by Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker, Carolyn Hutsen, and will include: The Power of Asking the Right Questions and The Art of Influence. 

The Executive Pass grants you access to everything the Deluxe Pass includes, plus these workshops.


Looking to Network & Spark Motivation Instead of Best Practice Sharing? 

You may be interested in ESX’s Expo Plus pass. This pass type grants you access to the expo – to explore technology and meet with vendors/service providers. It also permits you access to the ESX Main Stage. Authors, leadership coaches, industry disruptors and more will take to the Main Stage to spark passion, ignite potential and leave listeners ready to achieve great height! 

employees to operate at a high level of output —these sessions are perfect to equip them with the motivation, inspiration, and grit required to achieve excellence. Inspiring self-confidence in others is a skill. You can equip your leadership team with this ability with exposure to these expert speakers. 

The Expo Plus Pass grants you access to the expo, these Main Stage Sessions and food functions, along with networking and social events (like the ESA 75 Diamond Jubilee, featuring entertainment at the Frasier Museum Speakeasy), access to all expo activities and exhibitor-offered training sessions.




Just Looking to Dip Your Toe? 

Our expo only pass is probably your pass type. This will grant you access to the expo for quality conversations with ESX Exhibitors and Sponsors. As a targeted event, exhibitors are ready to have conversations with you about selling, merchandising, etc. for a more meaningful expo experience. You’ll also have access to our Pub Crawl and Opening Celebration to interact with the ESX Community! 


Enhance Your Experience — ESX Bourbon Tour 

At the close of ESX, you can enhance your experience and explore Louisville with the ESX Bourbon Experience. This is an add-on ticket for all registration passes and includes a bourbon tour of Evan Williams Distillery and Stitzel-Weller Distillery. Come bourbon taste with security pros and get a sip of what Louisville’s Bourbon Tour has to offer! 





March 8, 2023 ESX 2023

Dispatching service technicians to a jobsite to check on a system issue costs time and money. Oftentimes, these truck rolls aren’t even necessary because the technical issues they were dispatched to take care of can usually be resolved remotely. Diverting personnel from money-making jobs to roll trucks is becoming a serious pain point for many security integration companies, and one that’s taking a toll on their efficiencies and their bottom lines.

Operational excellence is vital to a thriving security systems integration company. Reducing truck rolls, managing costs, and improving customer retention with best practices maximizes efficiencies and profit margins. This topic was tackled at a well-attended ESX presentation entitled “Reducing Truck Rolls through Technology and Repeatable Best Practices.” The session was led by industry veterans Rich Campbell, Training and Development Specialist for California-based RFI, and Danny Tolleson, President of Tennessee-based Turner Security.  

As the synopsis of their session indicated, “Every time you put a service vehicle on the road, your organization is burning more than just fuel. According to the Technology Service Industry Association, truck rolls cost between $150 – $500, and indirect costs potentially doubling those figures. There’s hourly wages, wear and tear on the vehicle, wrong equipment or tools, insurance and missed revenue opportunities elsewhere, including arriving late on customer sites. What if rolling a truck doesn’t solve the issue?”   

These are all key concerns to integration companies, which is why this education session was designed with the following objectives in mind:  

  • How to improve your installation practices and processes to prevent repeated service calls   
  • Best practices for routing service calls   
  • Ways to use data, software, and remote service capabilities to avoid rolling a truck   

Campbell and Tolleson know well of which they speak because they each have put new and innovative measures in place to reduce their companies’ truck rolls and, in turn, increased efficiencies. They put the “pedal to the metal” to mitigate the truck roll problem and shared their initiatives in this presentation.  

Turner Security, for example, put their Remote Help Desk into operation in January, 2021, and as a result, has since reduced its truck rolls by 30%. The upfront costs of setting up the help desk have proven well worth the investment, given the long-term cost savings. Campbell reports that RFI, which operates in California, Washington and Nevada, also implemented a Customer Support Center which allowed them to bring customer support calls in centrally.   

It averages roughly 150 tickets per month across its four branches in these three states. Service managers work in each of their branches to provide fast response, and there is one full time engineer on staff for issues requiring that expertise. Now one out of every three service calls is being addressed and remedied remotely, eliminating the need to send techs out into the field.

Campbell reports that the service managers have a script to follow with questions, akin to a triage intake, to decide if the issue can be fixed remotely or if someone has to go out. For added efficiency, their service application process is directly integrated with their payroll to ensure accurate accounting of employees’ time.

Tolleson points to the resetting of power as a common cause for service. “24% of our trucks were resetting power,” he says. His company has opted to install a NUC, which is a small computer, on all average or above average video and access control jobs. This gives quick and simple remote access. “I can do it with Z-Wave in my systems – I don’t even have to have internet to reset power remotely.” He adds that his company programs its video and access devices before they go out.

“We program ahead of time so the people I hire are only installing and hanging devices. I’m even doing my training remotely now because we need consistent training to stop the truck rolls. A training video goes to the customer when the system is sold. Then we do a webinar training when the tech is finishing the job – I want consistent training for my customers. When a service issue does arise, customers have to call our help tech desk first and rely on our knowledge base, not the manufacturer.” 

There are times, Tolleson believes, when a manufacturer’s tech support for a specific product can actually damage the customer service experience. “Having training, documentation and a solid knowledge base inside our own companies enables us to handle issues without relying on the manufacturer,” he says. “Especially now with supply chain issues, the more we can do internally, the better.”  


The ESX presentation highlighted several operational tools that help companies reduce truck rolls. A virtual system administrator (VSA) consists of tools that most remote managed services providers use to have remote access to the customer’s system. In the IT world, for example, it enables them to do things like patching and run scripts. Remote programming tools can be installed which allow service techs to access the customer’s system programming and fix an issue remotely. Monitoring center partners can also help customers diagnose what’s going on and diagnose issues via their phones. But don’t underestimate the importance of testing equipment in-house before the installation ever takes place, to ensure it is working correctly and optimally. 

RFI has opted to have a front office team and a back office team. The back office job function is centered on account maintenance, adding accounts, and billing, while the front office team helps with service-related issues. As for paperwork, the service manager at each branch does quality control of each ticket before closing it and sending it to accounting for invoicing. The service managers also hold weekly meetings with their teams to see if there are any recurring trends or better ways to solve technical issues. RFI also provides customers with written playbooks on their security programs when they complete the install, so they can refer to that playbook for troubleshooting issues internally before they may need to call for tech support.

There are several other procedures that can be implemented to ease the burden of truck rolls. In the event that is a truck does have to go out for service, GPS can help monitor where techs are and how to best route them to keep fuel expenses to a minimum. In addition, inventory reports will show if the needed parts are actually available and on the truck, or if the customer has them on their premises, so truck dispatches don’t turn out to be a waste of time. 

Building reports helps manage customer equipment. This industry tool is used for fire & life safety systems as well as fire inspections and allows customers to maintain their total cost of ownership (TCO). These reports indicate what the customer’s warranty dates are and when the equipment was installed, while also letting the integration company reference the details of each product and the type of service needed.

Password vaults and having an enterprise level password code are also crucial to a solid documentation program and helping customers quickly resolve password issues. Documenting site-specific procedures for each customer is another smart policy. For example, if you’re working with a Data Center customer, they likely need to provide a technician with a form ahead of time allowing them access with a data center escort. Or, in the case of a hospital, procedures granting access and outlining health and safety protocols that may be needed for a specific location, such as the wearing of PPE, should also be followed. Documenting site-specific procedures for each customer ensures that proper protocols are followed the first time so that a “do over” dispatch isn’t needed.  

The need to reduce truck rolls and the associated loss of revenue and productivity is becoming acutely clear to security systems integration companies everywhere. The recommendations put forth in the “Reducing Truck Rolls through Technology and Repeatable Best Practices” ESX presentation provide a strong springboard for companies looking to put a working plan in place. There are various ways to set pricing for remote service, and vary by each company’s particular business model. Some opt to implement Service Maintenance Agreements that bake in a specific price each month for the service. Others charge based on times spent, in varying increments of, for instance, 15 minutes or hourly remote support rates. Still others find it most beneficial to outsource their service calls to a Managed Service Provider.  

Finding effective ways to reduce truck rolls, as evidenced by RFI and Turner Security’s efforts, can help security integration companies better manage costs, improve customer retention, and maximize efficiencies and profit.  

To gain access to more educational programming that focuses on tactical, real-world advice for security pros, secure your Deluxe or Executive ESX Registration pass here.


February 21, 2023 ESX 2023

A New York Times Bestselling Author and one of INC’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers, Jon Acuff will take the ESX Main Stage to motivate and inspire. Whether you are driving change, chasing new goals, or re-motivating a team, this ESX Main Stage session will bring the kind of energy and inspiration that sparks your team to action.

Acuff will speak about overthinking, the topic of his most recent book, Soundtracks, the Surprising Solution to Overthinking, as he urges attendees to enhance creativity, reduce fears and apprehensions, and follow their purpose with vigor.

“Overthinking isn’t a personality trait. It’s the sneakiest form of fear,” says Acuff. “It steals time, creativity, and energy. It’s the most expensive, least productive thing companies invest in without even knowing it.  

What if there were actionable steps we could take to break patterns of overthinking — increasing confidence and productivity instead? 

Acuff brings his three-step process from Soundtracks into play:  

  • Retire the broken soundtracks that have been holding you back.  
  • Replace them with new soundtracks that propel you forward.  
  • Repeat the new ones so often they become as automatic as the old ones.  

“If you can worry, you can wonder. If you can doubt, you can dominate. If you can spin, you can soar,” says Acuff.  

ESX 2023 Keynote session, featuring Jon Acuff, will offer guidance, insight and encouragement that resonate with the leaders of your team to drive them to perform at higher levels. Acuff promises to spark passion, ignite potential, and leave his listeners ready to achieve great heights.  

If your organization requires employees to operate at a high level of output — equip them with the motivation, inspiration, and grit required to achieve this.

Join us at ESX 2023 to sit in on Jon Acuff’s session and hear directly from him. You will be guaranteed a fun experience, lots of inside knowledge, and significant inspiration. 


February 8, 2023 ESX 2023

The Electronic Security Expo (ESX), presented by Electronic Security Association (ESA), has released its full educational lineup for 2023. The conference will take place at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky on June 5-8, 2023. 

In addition to its main stage presentations, engaging networking opportunities, and interactive expo floor, ESX 2023 will bring over 30 educational sessions spanning four tracks and two additional focus areas carefully designed for security professionals. The sessions cover tactical advice in Sales, Operations, Management, Monitoring, and Executive Leadership to help businesses grow and stay competitive.

Special emphasis is paid to building RMR or recurring revenue and a special three-part series will delve deep into the business of fire alarms. 

Attendees who are looking to address a specific business challenge or opportunity can look at the collection of focused sessions, with specialties designed to meet the needs of all managers from your company, including installation and service, finance, executive leadership, sales and marketing and more.

80% of ESX 2022 attendees rated best-practice sharing sessions “Excellent” or “Very Good.” 


Learn to develop your brand and go-to-market strategy to keep the focus on building your RMR. Identify complementary markets, new products, and services that will give your sales teams the edge over the competition. Explore new sales management processes that will accelerate sales performance and increase your revenues and RMR. Sessions in Sales Track:  



Discover best practices that will improve your company’s operational excellence and the customer experience. Explore ways to build efficiencies in installation, service methodologies, and human resources. Examine how others are solving today’s most common operations struggles like recruiting and retaining employees, supply chain lags, truck rolls, job safety, training, and more. Sessions in Operations Track:  



Learn to implement and manage key performance indicators that help to streamline processes and improve top and bottom-line results. Find ways to build a strong culture that helps you drive transformational leadership and change throughout the organization. Examine emerging trends and leading-edge technologies that will excite your customers’ changing demands and open new markets to evolve your business. Sessions in Operations Track:  



Delivering quality security and life safety monitoring services to end-users, including cloud-based lifestyle enhancements, is mission critical 24/7. Discover best-of-breed operator training, state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, and vital monitoring processes and procedures for next-gen central stations. Learn from seasoned professionals who share best practices to maximize your 24/7 monitoring operation effectively and profitably. Sessions in Monitoring Track:  


Bonus best-practice sharing sessions and sessions in ESX’s exclusive Executive Leadership Track to be announced soon. 

“The industry continues to be faced with a changing competitive landscape that is relentless and unforgiving.” says George DeMarco, ESX Chairman “Albert Einstein once said, ‘Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.’ In the same vein: Business is like riding a bicycle, to keep your competitive edge, you must keep moving forward. ESX educational sessions can help with that, teaching security professionals how to stay balanced, keep their competitive edge and keep moving forward. ”

“The educational sessions will cover a variety of topics such as developing sales consultants and leaders, finding technical staff, understanding next-gen residential and commercial applications and services, and tips on building your recurring revenue. ESX is focused on taking you and your team to the next level, on a smooth, successful ride to the top.” says George DeMarco, ESX Chairman

All educational sessions for ESX are curated and taught by the industry’s top electronic security and life safety technology pros, who are passionate about sharing their experience and helping security businesses grow and succeed. ESA and its partners are eager to help companies drive growth, improve their customer experience, and prepare for the future. Come bring your team to learn from the industry’s best and take home top knowledge and tips to help your business grow. 

“I don’t know of a more insightful convention to attend. This was the most beneficial 3 days of my career. I’m left with a ton of ideas I can’t wait to share with my colleagues.” says one ESX attendee.

For access to these classes, Executive or Deluxe Passes are required at registration. Register your team at


February 7, 2023 ESX 2023

We all know that storytelling is an important and powerful tool for learning and creating meaningful connections. But what is the story of the electronic security and life safety industry? How is it shared? How is it preserved in time? Ralph Sevinor, President of Wayne Alarm Systems believes that a powerful way to share our industry’s story is through its technology. Ralph is one of the curators of an antique security artifact museum in Massachusetts, to learn about the evolution of security technology. We discover some fascinating devices he has in the collection some of which are even surprising.


Alarm Systems

Some of the earliest transmitters relied on clock springs and gears. Someone would have to go around and wind them every day, just as you would a grandfather clock. In the 1800s, police boxes became the primary means of spreading the alarm. The policeman would turn specific keys to send alarm signals to the appropriate stations. An interesting fact about these boxes is that on December 7, 1941, when Pearl Harbor was attacked and the island lost most of its phone lines, emergency forces relied on these police boxes once again. Another type of alarm businesses often used was coin-operated. The alarm was installed at the front and back doors. Then, to activate it, you inserted a nickel or a dime and turn a lever to set it, much like you would pay for a parking meter or candy dispenser.


Fire Alarms and Safety

Some of the first fire sprinklers were brass containers with pressurized water. A later design in 1900 consisted of glass bulbs that contained water. When they heated up, a little spring inside it would release and break the glass, spraying water. However, in the winter, they would freeze, so manufacturers started adding carbon tetrachloride or pyrene to prevent the water from freezing. What they didn’t know is that pyrene creates mustard gas when exposed to heat. So, developers had to go back to the drawing board. The earliest version of the systems we are familiar with today was developed in 1812.


Fire Alarm Salesmen

After World War II, fire alarm salesmen went door to door with demo kits to demonstrate how their fire alarms worked. If the demonstration wasn’t enough, the salesman pulled out a three-level thermometer that symbolized second floor, the first floor, and the basement. He would then expose it to canned heat to push the temperatures up, while saying “You really should buy this fire alarm because you don’t know when there’s going to be a fire. At 110 degrees, which you see here, the hair on your skin starts to singe. At 120 degrees, your lung tissue starts to dissolve.” These scare tactics may seem harsh to us today, but they were probably quite effective!


Bank Security

Before the FDIC, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, if a bank was broken into and depositors’ money was stolen, it didn’t have a way to pay its customers back. Therefore, banks had to come up with creative ways of protecting their customers’ money, competing with other banks for business. To do so, they would have burglar alarm demonstrations, sending out postcards to all the people in the community to advertise the demonstration.


Military Contributions

A lot of our security industry technology has military origins. The first smoke detectors were developed based on the technology that controlled P38 Mustang plane doors during World War II. This technology relied on a light source and photocell and was easy to adapt for everyday use.

The first microwave detectors were developed by an aerospace researcher during the Vietnam War to detect snipers hidden in the thick forests of Southeast Asia. Today, many businesses and residences use them under the more commonly known name of Motion Detectors. Another military contractor called Microwave Associates revolutionized the alarm industry drastically by developing a digital communicator that could reach beyond direct current, which is the range communicators had at the time and extended only about 40 or 50 miles.


Some Bizarre & Exciting Security Devices

In the 1600s, a lot of people had adopted a pie pan fire alarm. They would take a metal pie pan, coat its bottom in molten beeswax and stick it upside down to the ceiling with the molten beeswax. The beeswax would harden and hold it to the ceiling. The idea was that if there was a fire, the heat would melt the beeswax again and drop the pan to the floor with a loud clang, which would wake up or alert anyone in the house.

One of the most exciting pieces we have is the alarm system that was used to protect the H-bomb secrets of the Manhattan Project during World War II. That is a critical piece of history.


Tech of the Future

At this point in the interview, we asked Ralph about his thoughts on the technology of the future.“There’s never been a more exciting time to be in this business than now. We are seeing more intelligent systems that start at the edge of a property instead of just at the door, allowing extra time for reaction. We are also seeing more precise systems in development to detect, not only CO, but rising levels of CO2 as well. These will also create a larger window of awareness before there is a need for a true alarm.”


This Collection is Important

To bring the interview to close, Ralph shared this final thought. “It’s important to pioneer both the people of today and of yesterday and their contributions to the industry. It’s integral to know the history of how we got where we are. The items I’ve mentioned are only a small percentage of the vast collection we have. We will be bringing a collection of items to ESX 2023 which will be very exciting to share. I hope these stories will remind us all of how far we’ve come and inspire us to go further.”

Donate To The Museum

Ralph is always looking to grow and extend the collection, so if you or someone you know comes across something visit They do not even need the product if you would prefer, they just ask you to fill out a form and submit professional photos to help in preserving our industry’s history.

February 6, 2023 ESX 2023


Stop settling for quick, unmeaningful badge scans and celebrate what the power of a focused event can do for your business. ESX delivers an experience with a higher level of collaboration and thoughtful conversations among peers. There’s no getting lost in crowds and settling for shallow interactions. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and immerse yourself in the pro security and life safety tech industry, ESX is waiting for you. What are you waiting for? Register for the Electronic Security Expo today!


January 25, 2023 ESX 2023

The Electronic Security Expo has announced Kenyon Salo as its 2023 General Session Speaker. Kenyon has been crafting his inspirational speeches based on his extensive adventurous life experiences for over 20 years. Join security pros at the ESX Main Stage on Tuesday, June 6, and learn how to elevate your life through Kenyon’s General Session “The Bucket List Life: Create More Experiences, Share More Stories, Live More Fulfilled.” Walk away with actionable steps to help you propel your business to the next level — achieving your professional and personal goals. 

“If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s to pursue the things we want to experience in this life and, ultimately, find the fulfillment so many people crave!”- Kenyon Salo 

Kenyon is one of five members of the Denver Broncos Thunderstorm Skydive Team and has over 6,000 skydives under his belt. He has traveled to over 31 countries and is one of the most sought-after speakers for businesses specialized in motivation, inspiration, or adventure. Passionate for adventure, storytelling, and human connection, he is eager to help ESX attendees live more fulfilled lives. 

Here’s a little sneak peek of what the Kenyon Salo plans to bring to the Electronic Security Expo – Electronic Security Expo – Kenyon Salo 

In the classroom, ESX will offer five educational tracks for professionals to explore, each filled with peer-led seminars on carefully vetted industry and business topics. This balance of main stage inspiration, coupled with up-close and personal educational sessions will provide an optimized environment for professional development. 

Register for an Expo Plus, Deluxe, or Executive pass to gain access to this General Session. The ESX Main Stage will inspire and motivate your company’s leaders as they network with like-minded electronic security and life safety peers. Just steps away from the expo floor, this plated luncheon will inspire you and your team to generate phenomenal experiences, powerful stories, and be more fulfilled by helping others along the way.  

Inspiring self-confidence in others to meet and achieve goals is a skill. Hone this skill at ESX. Registration is now open: