ESX 2023 to Highlight Best Practices to Increase Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR)

April 26, 2023 by ESX

Bring your team to ESX 2023 to access top RMR training led by the industry’s leading professionals. Learn to scale your RMR by leveraging your existing customer base and applying proven commercial sales strategies, uncovering the latest products and services to help you increase RMR. 

RMR is in many ways a structural component of the security and life safety industry. It is critical to understand how to build solid platforms to drive long-term relationships, quality referrals, solid growth, and opportunities to overlay additional complimentary RMR services.  

“Driving higher RMR delivers higher value and provides more solutions to you in your business. In the ever-competitive market, it is more important than ever to understand the basket of new products, technologies, and tips to help in this drive. Together with your active participation, we can have a great discussion about how to bring these topics together for your success.” says Jennifer Doctor, Senior Director of Product Management at Johnson Controls, and ESX RMR Session Speaker. 

Here is some information about this year’s RMR sessions: 

Driving Higher RMR on Every Sale 

Revenues are not all created equal. While having strong margins from installation revenues are vital to the overall health of a security company, RMR proves a more sustainable business practice and superchargers its enterprise value.  

Imagine making continual sales every single month without having to search for new customers every single time. This is the power of recurring revenues, and this is the RMR education that you and your team have been looking for. To create more RMR on every sale, however, requires a thoughtful approach that measures and holds your staff accountable for selling RMR on every sale. 

This RMR education session is specifically designed to help you establish best practices to promote RMR for sales and technical staff, as well as how to develop an overall culture of RMR and determine the right goals to set and measure. The ESA team is excited to see you at this session. 


Leveraging Your Existing Customer Base for Sales and RMR Growth 

The single best way to drive more sales and RMR is to leverage your current customer relationships. It seems easy to execute, but if you don’t have a strong sales process that cultivates and engages your existing customer base, it may not generate the desired result. This session has been specifically designed to help electronic security professionals gain the knowledge and strategies necessary to leverage this lucrative opportunity. The session will cover the importance of developing a purpose-driven communications strategy for keeping your customer engagement high, as well as ideas for existing customer compensation programs and sales promotion for people you’ve already done business with. You, your team, and your organization’s stakeholders can benefit from adding or increasing your recurring revenue streams, so don’t miss out.

Fear Not – How to Raise Your RMR and Labor Rates without Losing Customers 

Induced by the pandemic and inflation, the cost of running a business is rising as security professionals struggle with supply chain issues and labor shortages. Today, margins are crucial for companies to monitor, as economists debate whether inflation is transitory or more persistent. Hence, it is imperative to assess whether your RMR fees and labor rates are keeping up with the rising costs of doing business. 

In this session, you will learn that price increases are part of a successful business operation and what data you need to assess the true costs of running that business. You will also learn to recognize the right time for raising rates without incurring customer backlash and how to communicate price increases within your organization and customer base.  

“Rate increases can create a great deal of anxiety for dealers. However, with the proper planning, implementation, and a prepared response to potential customer questions, you can alleviate the stress and streamline the process. These are some of the topics I hope to explore more in my education session at ESX.” says Paul Verruto, Sales Manager at Wayne Alarm, and ESX RMR Session Speaker

Commercial Sales Strategies that Drive Higher RMR 

Led by a commercial sales veteran who understands the commercial electronic security industry and its specific needs and opportunities, this session will help you establish your brand to encourage prospects and customers to try new products and services. You will learn a collaborative sales approach that initiates a conversation with each end user to uncover their needs and desires. By developing a program that promotes upselling and cross selling, higher RMR will follow. 

It’s imperative for businesses to understand and keep up with the current commercial sales climate in order to continue growing. If you’re interested in improving your sales team and gaining more commercial clients, this session is for you.

The Business of Fire Alarms – Part 3: Recurring Revenue Rain Maker 

Significant recurring revenue streams are generated from monitoring, inspections, and maintenance service contracts. With newer codes, updated technology, and cellular signal transmission, RMR gains even more traction as these new opportunities are adopted. 

This session will cover the importance of designing and selling comprehensive post-installation programs; what people, processes, and procedures are necessary to service and maintain fire alarm installations; best practices in service delivery in the field and from the office; and the potential partnerships you should consider along the way to increase your RMR opportunity. 


“I am excited to share my insights of how to build a world class managed service program that will increase your RMR substantially. We will be discussing how to build a managed service playbook that includes, a menu of services, contracts, compensation and culture.” says John Nemerofsky, COO at SAGE Integration, and ESX RMR Session Speaker 

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