The Monitoring Smart Tank at ESX 2023: Next Gen Monitoring Processes Integrators Must Know About

April 19, 2023 by ESX

According to most monitoring centers, over 70% of phone calls go unanswered. Even in today’s modern world, many alarm companies still rely on telephone calls and emails to respond during alarm activations. Therefore, it’s critical that you have top-notch systems and processes in place to handle emergency situations, and that you be able to provide the same for your customers.  

Register for an Executive or Deluxe Pass for ESX 2023, and make plans to attend this session. John Loud, founder of LOUD Security and ESA’s current chairman, will be leading this dynamic, fast-paced session, facilitating some of the industry’s top monitoring center professionals as they present their “elevator pitches” to help you and your team improve communication and customer experience. This group of industry professionals are here to help you maximize all 24/7 monitoring operations effectively and profitably. 

The session will cover:  

  • How to implement the newest monitoring services to improve customer experience and reduce attrition rates, thereby generating your company more RMR.  
  • The most effective ways to connect with customers during an alarm.  
  • The latest monitoring apps and services available to deploy to your customers today.  
  • Various ways that monitoring centers’ automation software saves time and money.  

“Come check out the significant investments and technology advances many of the remarkable monitoring centers have done recently as they showcase this in the Monitoring Shark Tank session,” says John Loud, president of LOUD Security. “You will get to see the BEST and how these investments can help you reduce your attrition with your subscribers.”  

You are guaranteed to leave this session with a deeper understanding of best practices for monitoring processes and next-gen central station procedures, as well as, how to deliver top security and life safety monitoring systems to end-users. Additionally, you will learn how to serve your customers by providing them with all and any necessary support to keep their monitoring systems in tip-top shape.  

Purchase your ESX pass now to attend the Monitoring Smart Tank Education Session at ESX 2023 in Louisville, Kentucky. Access world-class knowledge from top industry professionals and network with security leaders.  

All Executive and Deluxe pass holders have access to this and all best practice sharing sessions offered at ESX 2023. Registration prices increase May 26.