ESX Executive Leadership Speaker Highlight

April 20, 2023 by ESX

ESX has recently announced Carolyn Hutsen, a certified coach and trainer with the John Maxwell Leadership Team, as a speaker for the ESX 2023 Executive Leadership Workshops. With over 30 years of experience as a business owner, school district communications director, ministry leader, and non-profit senior manager, Carolyn comes to bring ESX attendees top-notch training in the John Maxwell Method, which she first encountered 15 years ago. When she discovered the program, she was excited to see it already aligned with her personal philosophies, and she naturally pursued the opportunity.

The Art of Influence:  

During this session, Carolyn emphasizes the importance of the Art of Influence and how an individual’s degree of influence affects their daily leadership experiences and interactions. Carolyn will share how to elevate leadership levels, growing and modeling personal and professional leadership.  

The Power of Asking the Right Questions:  

In this session, Carolyn will help attendees learn how to improve connections and, therefore, their teams, as well as develop more efficient ideas to help them manage, grow, and head up their businesses. The goal of this session is to increase productivity for attendees and strengthen their leadership culture and productivity. 

Carolyn’s sessions center around the idea that in business, everything rises and falls on leadership, and the essence of leadership is influence. They cover the 3 key strategies on the art of influence, as well as provide training in how to influence your team by asking the right questions and asking the right questions to find the right answers. The right answers are the key to finding the best solutions to solving your company or team’s business challenges. Through the training, you will also be able to identify what your leadership level of influence is and how to improve it.  

 Additionally, Carolyn will discuss common misconceptions about leadership and influence, outlining 5 myths about leadership and how to destroy them by replacing old thinking with new thinking.

“I am passionate about empowering individuals and teams to embrace their strengths and reach for the stars in the area of personal growth and leadership development. When you desire to explore a new career path or advance your current path, I will provide the tools, coaching strategies, and strong leadership model necessary to help you increase revenue, navigate change, and build strong and dynamic teams.” says Carolyn Hutsen