ESX 2024 Welcomes Ryan Leak as its Keynote Speaker: A Journey of Inspiration & Self-Leadership

January 25, 2024 by ESX

ESX proudly unveils Ryan Leak, a best-selling author and executive coach, as the Keynote Speaker for its tradeshow in Louisville, KY June 3-6, 2024.

Ryan is a transformative speaker impacting over 50,000 individuals monthly. With a commitment to empowering leaders across diverse industries, including Fortune 100 Corporations and elite sports teams. In addition, Ryan’s insights promise to inspire and elevate ESX 2024. 

 “Have you ever wondered, ‘What’s it like for people to be led by me?’ When someone is hired to be a leader in an organization, what often does not come with the gig is a leader… for the leader. says Ryan Leak, ESX Keynote Speaker “One of the biggest hurdles leaders face is not actually leading people but leading themselves. My passion is helping leaders push past autopilot and really level up in their lives and careers.” 

Widely recognized for his USA Today Best-Selling book, “Chasing Failure: How Falling Short Sets You Up for Success,” Ryan gained fame for his viral Surprise Wedding story featured on shows like Good Morning America and the Today Show. Through his consulting work, Ryan Leak has been guiding 15,000+ C-Suite leaders every year. At ESX, he will guide security pros through seven key steps for improved self-leadership, therefore translating into better team and organizational leadership. Furthermore, if your organization requires employees to operate at an elevated level of output — equip them with the motivation, inspiration, and grit required to achieve this at the ESX Keynote Luncheon. 



In short, most leaders are often given titles with little vision. Besides they are often given expectations with very little direction. The old saying rings true. It is lonely at the top. Equally important leaders desperately need a go-to strategy and system they can rely on when they feel like they have no one in their corner to guide them. 

  Key Takeaways Attendees Can Expect: 

  • What is it like to follow me? (The Self-awareness Question) 
  • What credit can I give away? (The Team Player Question) 
  • What mistakes can I own? (The Humility Question) 
  • How can I get better? (The Self-improvement Question) 
  • Why am I doing it? (The Purpose Question) 
  • Who am I equipping for the future? (The Legacy/Succession Question) 
  • Who knows who I really am? (The Transparency Question) 

 “At ESX, we are committed to bringing fantastic keynote speakers to the Main Stage, transforming ordinary moments into enduring inspiration.” says George De Marco, ESX Chairman “I invite security professionals to join us on a journey with Ryan Leak, where ideas flourish, perspectives shift, and positive change takes hold.” 

Seize the Opportunity at ESX 2024: 

Lastly, join us on Tuesday, June 4th at 11:30AM at ESX’s Main Stage for this transformative experience. The chance to learn, grow, and be inspired by Ryan Leak—an unmissable opportunity awaits. Executive, Deluxe and Expo Plus pass holders have access to this luncheon. Register here!