How To Prepare for ESX 2022!

June 6, 2022 by ESX

I am super excited to go to my first ESX as Chairman of ESA. It’s where memories are made, lifelong friendships are formed, information is exchanged, mentorships are born, and businesses learn to thrive!

It is my pleasure to explore each with a personal story.

Memories: First, I will wade into the dangerous category of memories. While there are a lot of personal memories, the ones that publicly shame are sometimes the most fun! I remember when I had left my iPad at a meal table and the next Main Stage George DeMarco decided to fine me publicly for its return. SIAC benefited and I got my iPad back. Moral of this story: don’t leave anything behind!

Lifelong friendships: There are so many it is difficult to select one. Past ESA President and Weinstock Recipient Angela White reached out to me at one ESX and we had a great conversation about life, ESA, and business. She invited me to meet so many wonderful and influential people. As life has happened to both of us, she has always been there to spend countless hours on the phone with me.

Information Exchanged: There are those moments of clarity that become AHA moments in each of our lives. Sometimes, just being together presents opportunities to exchange information in meaningful ways.

Mentorships: There are people in one’s life that just simply make you better. I remember watching Steve Firestone on stage and thinking to myself how impressed I was with him. How he handled himself, the ease and care in which he formed his answers and the overall wisdom behind them. At the time, I never thought I would get to know him— much less have him as a mentor. Just that happened. Not only did I get to know him, but anytime I called he made me his top priority —at least it felt that way. He has made one of the most positive impacts in my life and I’m honored to call him a friend.

In short make friendships, meet mentors, engage with them to make memories and above all don’t be afraid to share ideas and listen —engage and enjoy!


  • Come thank Jamie Vos for his service to the industry and welcome new board members being sworn in at the ESA Annual Meeting, being held at ESX Tuesday, June 14 at 4:30 in room 103A/B.