ESX 2022 Education Sessions Sneak Peak

February 23, 2022 by ESX

With changing social, economic and business environments, security professionals need to adapt to new market strategies and offerings. Identifying the right next gen products and services can have a positive impact on the customer pipeline, improve the customer experience and keep customers loyal. 

New Markets: SMB’s – Expanding Opportunities with New Services 

As the world experiences a digital transformation and a renewed reliance on broadband services, small to medium businesses (SMBs) are poised to invest in their physical security and network system. According to Parks Associates, 21% of SMBs report a need for products and monitoring services that deliver safety and security for their employees and business. Currently, one-half of SMBs have a security system, with 45% of those systems being professionally monitored. During the session, “New Markets: Expanding Opportunities with New Services” members from Parks Associates will share insights and address the following: 

  • How remote work arrangements have exposed new security vulnerabilities and increased the need for cyber security solutions 
  • How security providers can benefit from offering value-added services that include on site security and monitoring services, advanced threat detection, wi-fi and network configuration, and other services 

Industry Introspective – Challenges, Trends and Opportunities  

The pandemic has changed the world, and its effects will be lasting in the near future. Regardless of the industry, change happened, touching each one in different ways. The security industry wasn’t immune to the effects of Covid. However, many dealers and integrators flourished during the pandemic, as they adapted to change and were aggressive in their approach to tackling the new normal. Profound and practical applications are being applied to innovative technology and services, especially as artificial intelligence and machine learning gain more acceptance. The delivery of security services is being affected by remote working models, cost of higher wages, reinvention of supply-chains, new applications of technology, and critical protection of information security. During the session, “Industry Introspective – Challenges, Trends and Opportunities” Micheal Barnes of Barnes Associates, Inc. will cover: 

  • What pandemic-induced consumer and business behaviors are not going away  
  • The industry trends and challenges that will affect your business and how to prepare for tomorrow – strategically, operationally, and financially. 
  • The business attributes and metrics buyers will be focused on     
  • How to capitalize on next-gen products and services and monetize them 
  • What you must do to stay relevant and on top of your game 

These sessions will provide a glimpse at how security professionals are navigating today’s business environment and protecting their customers against evolving threats,” says ESX Chairman George DeMarco.

“It is vital for ESX to provide a platform for security professionals to come together to exchange ideas and best practices. It’s how our industry gets stronger — by learning from one another. That’s why ESX 2022 is #SecurityConnected.” he continues.

The complete listing of educational programming, including NEW leadership sessions, can be found here.

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