ESX 2024

TechVision Challenge

Shark Tank Style Head-to-Head Challenge
Do your products/services have what it takes to win?

Shark Tank-Style Product Pitch Competition Held LIVE at ESX 2024

Monday, June 3 | 9:00AM – 12:00PM

This live pitch competition will recognize outstanding products and services that drive the electronic security and life safety industry forward.

Manufacturers and service providers serving the channel with innovative end user offerings and tools that help dealers, integrators and monitoring professionals become more efficient and profitable will go head-to-head live at ESX.

This is your chance to present the value of your products and services to “industry sharks,” focused on selecting the “Best of Show.” The winner of this competition will be named ESX’s Best in Show.

Note: Being chosen as an Innovation Award category winner does not guarantee entry into the TechVision Challenge as a finalist for Best of Show.


  • Features & Functions – intended use and end user value 
  • Aesthetic & Design Qualities – addresses end user appeal and form function 
  • Ground breaking or Innovative – delivers a unique and useful technology 
  • Improves the End User’s Experience – enhances end user engagement 
  • Solves a Problem – resolves or improves an internal or external problem  
  • Improves Efficiency – provides a more efficient or effective sales or operation environment  
  • Grows Revenues (RMR, Install or Service) – contributes to increasing revenues 
  • Increases Company value – contributes to increasing enterprise value or operating profits 
  • Regulatory Compliance – if applicable, meet or exceeds regulatory compliance for vertical. 
  • Overall WOW factor – ground breaking technology that benefits operational excellence or customer experience  

It will be up to each invited contestant to prepare their own presentation for the competition, addressing the judging criteria during the process. 

Official Rules

  1. Up to 10 selected entries from the Innovation Awards judging process will be invited to compete in the TechVision Challenge.
  2. The interactive judging panel will consist of a minimum of three (3) judges and no more than five (5) judges.
  3. This event is closed to the public. Only representatives who are employed by the contestant’s company, the judges and ESX staff will be present.
  4. The event will take place at ESX at the Kentucky International Convention Center. Each invited contestant will be assigned a specific time slot that includes set-up and presentation time. Please note that presentations earlier in the day, judges’ breaks, etc., may cause schedule delays and impact your presentation start time.
  5. Two adjoining rooms will be utilized to manage the flow of the presentations. While one room is being used for a live presentation, the next company in line to present will be in the adjoining room setting up their product demos (15-minute set-up time) and preparing for their live presentation. Judges will move from room to room to accommodate the presentation process flow.
  6. Each company will be allowed three (3) minutes for their presentation. Contestants are encouraged to use a live demo of their product and may provide product literature for the judging process (use of A/V equipment can only be used to assist in a live demo of the product or service and A/V equipment is not supplied or paid for by ESX). Support people from that same company are welcome to participate in the presentation. The judges expect a live demonstration of the product or service.
  7. The panel of judges, our “industry sharks,” will be allowed up to twelve (12) minutes per presentation to ask probing questions that will help them select the Best of Show product or service. In addition, a runner up will also be acknowledged.
  8. Presentations will be photographed and recorded. Each company and its representatives agree to be photographed and recorded for ESX promotional purposes.
  9. The winner will be announced on in the exhibit hall @ 2:30 PM on Tuesday, June 4. Judges will present the winner with the 2024 Best in Show Award.
  10. The entire TechVision Challenge event, as well as all of ESX, will be recorded and may be “aired” in the future for ESX promotional purposes, including the Best of Show presentation.
  11. All judges’ decisions are final. 

Contestant Agreement