ESX 2024

General Session

Featuring Justin Forsett

Wednesday, June 5
11:15AM – 12:45PM


The Huddle & The Hustle: Leading Teams through Change, Adversity & Opportunity

In his engaging presentation, Justin Forsett delves deep into the intricacies of guiding teams through dynamic circumstances. Drawing from his own remarkable journey, Justin offers invaluable insights on how to navigate change, overcome adversity, and seize opportunities effectively.

Key Takeaways:

1. Resilience and Perseverance: Justin’s NFL career is a prime example of resilience and perseverance, illustrating how leaders can inspire their teams to push through adversity and thrive in constantly changing environments.

2. Personal Growth and Development: His transition from professional sports to entrepreneurship showcases the importance of continuous personal growth, both for leaders and their teams, in adapting to new challenges and seizing opportunities.

3. Positive Mindset and Attitude: Justin emphasizes the power of maintaining a positive mindset and attitude as essential tools for leaders when leading teams through challenging times, instilling hope and motivation.

4. Leadership and Teamwork: Through his experiences on and off the field, Justin imparts valuable lessons in ethical leadership, fostering teamwork, and making high-pressure decisions—crucial skills in guiding teams through change, adversity, and towards success.

5. Business Success and Entrepreneurial Spirit: Justin’s journey with Hustle Clean not only demonstrates his entrepreneurial spirit but also provides practical strategies for leaders to navigate the business landscape, emphasizing adaptability and seizing opportunities.

6. Sports and Goal Setting: His NFL achievements highlight the significance of setting and achieving goals, offering leaders a blueprint for leading their teams through transformative periods while keeping their eye on the prize.

7. Motivation and Inspiration: Justin’s compelling stories of sacrifice, setbacks, and ultimate success serve as a powerful motivational tool for leaders, motivating their teams to embrace change, conquer adversity, and capitalize on every opportunity that comes their way.

Justin Forsett’s presentation offers a comprehensive guide for leaders to navigate the complex terrain of change, adversity, and opportunity, empowering them to lead their teams towards success and personal growth, just as he did throughout his NFL career and entrepreneurial journey.

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ESX General Session

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