Scott Blakeman

VP of Security Solution & Client Success


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Elite has spent a tremendous amount of time and resources to eliminate false positive alerts and alarms. By taking away the background noise of innocuous events, Elite has transformed the remote monitoring space. Some ways we do this:
Advanced Video Analytics & Machine Learning: Utilizing sophisticated video analytics technology to distinguish between genuine threats and false alarms. This can include features such as object recognition, behavior analysis, and pattern recognition to accurately identify suspicious activities. Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to continuously analyze alarm data and improve the accuracy of alarm detection over time. These algorithms can adapt to changing conditions and learn from past incidents to better distinguish between true threats and false alarms.
Multiple Verification Steps: Implementing multiple verification steps before triggering an alert to law enforcement. This could involve confirming alarms through multiple sensors or verifying the alarm with visual or audio confirmation from on-site personnel or remote monitoring operators.
Customized Alarm Thresholds: Setting customized alarm thresholds based on the specific environment and context of each client. This ensures that alarms are triggered only when predefined criteria are met, reducing the likelihood of false alarms.
Human Verification: Incorporating human verification into the alarm response process, where trained operators review alarm notifications before alerting law enforcement. This additional layer of scrutiny helps filter out false alarms and ensures that only legitimate threats are reported.





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