ESX 2022

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June 16

3:15- 4:15PM CT

Operations Best Practices

Reducing Truck Rolls Through Technology and Repeatable Best Practices

Every time you put a service vehicle on the road, your organization is burning more than just fuel.

According to the Technology Service Industry Association, truck rolls cost between $150 – $500, with indirect costs potentially doubling those figures. There’s hourly wages, wear and tear on the vehicle, wrong equipment or tools, insurance and missed revenue opportunities elsewhere, including arriving late on customer sites. And what if rolling a truck doesn’t solve the issue?

Before you spend another day on the road, join us for this session where you’ll uncover:

How to improve your installation practices and processes to prevent repeated service calls

Best practices for routing service calls

Ways to use data, software, and remote service capabilities to avoid rolling a truck


Operations Best Practices

Operational excellence is vital to a thriving installation/integration company. Reduce truck rolls, manage costs, and improve customer retention with best practices shared by peers excelling in these areas. Maximize efficiencies and profit.

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