ESX 2022

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June 16

8:00- 9:00AM CT

Increase Sales

Powerful Hacks to Grow Your Recurring Revenue

Recurring revenue is the heartbeat of every security business.

It directly correlates to your company’s overall valuation and financial health. Understanding how to build and nurture your recurring revenue leads to greater profitability, sustainable growth, and higher enterprise value. Although recurring revenue is nothing new to the security industry, innovative and profitable ways to grow your recurring revenue can help your company increase the average RMR per customer. If you are looking for recurring monthly revenue business ideas, this is the educational session for you.

In this session, you’ll learn:

Why reviewing your RMR pricing model is good business

Newer technologies and services that should have a subscription-based model

Ways to sell more RMR to your existing customer base

Recurring monthly revenue business ideas


Increase Sales

Investing in your sales team has a meaningful and positive impact on your sales results. Learn how to coach the sales team for better results and identify the products and services that grow your revenues and RMR.

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