ESX 2022

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June 17

9:45- 10:45AM CT

The Business of Monitoring

Monitoring Innovation in Action

In today’s ever-changing marketplace, it is critical that monitoring centers keep up with technology innovations, enhanced services, and monitoring trends to remain relevant and successful.

This becomes a delicate balancing act for monitoring centers to process a significant amount of alarm signals while also attempting to deliver a high-touch customer experience. Join us to learn about monitoring center innovation and to look at the latest automation tools monitoring centers will need to enhance their services and deliver a quality customer experience, including improving operational efficiencies. 

In this session, you’ll learn:

Ideas on how to balance technology innovations and enhanced services with a high-touch customer experience

Technology upgrades, monitoring practices, and automation applications monitoring centers should seriously consider

Customer care enhancements that your team can use to make a difference

Monitoring center innovation


The Business of Monitoring

Delivering quality security and life safety monitoring services to end-users, including cloud-based lifestyle enhancements, is mission critical 24/7. Discover best-of-breed operator training, state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, and vital monitoring processes and procedures for next-gen central stations. Learn from seasoned professionals who share best practices to maximize your 24/7 monitoring operation effectively and profitably.

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