ESX 2022

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June 17

8:30- 9:30AM CT

The Business of Security

The Internet of Litigation: Security. IoT. Cyber Attacks.

Tens of billions of devices are being sold and used globally, such as surveillance cameras, security products, connected home and business devices, connected medical devices, and connected vehicles.

It’s a phenomenon that will only accelerate in the coming years, generating trillions of dollars in product and subscription fees. However, with that comes data breaches, DDOS attacks and cybercrimes perpetrated through vulnerable connected devices and networks. Will a lack of definitive regulation and protocols cause an Internet of Litigation? Join us for this educational session to learn about the internet of litigation.

In this session, you’ll learn:

What product vulnerabilities and litigation exposure does the security industry have?

What are the responsibilities of the various stakeholders in the delivery of the product or service?

Are there any legislation, regulations or protocol solutions that will ensure end users and service providers are not inadvertently or unknowingly adding a connected device that exposes their privacy?

What are the best practices that mitigate the risk of exposure to litigation from the manufacturer to the installing company?


The Business of Security

Identify proven practices that take your company to the next level, financially, legally, and operationally. Learn to manage your risks, improve top line revenues and bottom-line profits, and increase RMR.

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