ESX 2022

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June 15

9:15- 10:15AM CT

Financial Growth

Measure Your Financial Results with the Right Metrics – Financial Boot Camp (Part 1)

It’s all in the numbers.

As a business owner or executive, there are certain numbers you need to watch to monitor the health of your business. This intensive two-part metrics boot camp will run you through which numbers you need to keep your eyes on and how to interpret them. Many entrepreneurs, owners and executives are not proficient in interpreting numbers from financial statements. Understanding what your financial statements are telling you is critical to properly running your business. With a solid financial foundation, you can wisely grow your revenues and improve your bottom-line results. In this educational session, learn how to interpret financial statements for better business decisions.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

Develop and understand the three basic financial statements

Isolate which statements to use to monitor your growth plans and profitability

Calculate key industry financial metrics

How to interpret financial statements for better business decisions


Financial Growth

Expanding a business offers the potential for many growth opportunities. Employees, customers, and owners all benefit from sound business growth strategies with increased wages, expanded products and services, and greater profits. Learn to manage growth with insights on how to implement key performance indicators that drive sustainable financial results.

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Jennifer Holloway