ESX 2022

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June 15

10:30- 11:30AM CT

Financial Growth

Cash is King – Top 5 Ways to Improve Cash Flow – Financial Boot Camp (Part 2)

Although revenue growth and net profit are important components of a successful business, mastering cash flow is essential in running a business that lives to see another day.

Even businesses generating lots of revenue and profit can quickly get into financial trouble if cash flow issues arise and their balance sheet consistently sees red. Cash flow is crucial to keeping your business healthy and viable. Our experts will help you master the art of proper cash flow management. If you’re ready to learn how to improve cash flow, this is the educational session for you. 

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

How to prepare a cash flow projection and monitor it

How to develop the right disciplines to make sure accounts receivable is current

The right time to seek business loans to help grow your company so you don’t end up in a cash crunch

Why it’s important to manage cash flow in real time

How to improve cash flow


Financial Growth

Expanding a business offers the potential for many growth opportunities. Employees, customers, and owners all benefit from sound business growth strategies with increased wages, expanded products and services, and greater profits. Learn to manage growth with insights on how to implement key performance indicators that drive sustainable financial results.

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