ESX 2022

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June 16

3:15 – 4:15PM CT

Increase Sales

Best Practices for Promoting Your Company Via Social Media

Social media is tough to tackle for any company, especially small ones.

However, for many consumers, social media is the first customer-service resource they check before making a purchasing decision. What are your social channels saying about your company? Social media makes it easier than ever for consumers to have influence over your brand. Are you actively listening, providing solid customer service, building trust, and demonstrating expertise? What you are saying — or worse — not saying, will affect buying decisions. Join this education session to learn how to grow your social media audience.

This session will cover:

How to optimize your social media strategy to increase sales

The best ways to monitor the customer experience: leveraging the good ones and tactfully resolving the bad ones

How to use social media as a customer engagement tool and not simply a platform

Smart ways to measure and adjust social media for a successful outcome

How to grow your social media audience


Increase Sales

Investing in your sales team has a meaningful and positive impact on your sales results. Learn how to coach the sales team for better results and identify the products and services that grow your revenues and RMR.

An important component in your customer engagement strategy is delivering a hyper-personalized experience that tailors products, services, and experiences according to their needs and wants. Learn how this strategy provides an emotional connection between a customer and your brand to buy more and refer more and deepen their loyalty.

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