ESX 2022

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June 17

9:45 – 10:45AM CT

The Business of Monitoring

Monitoring Center Benchmarking: Track. Measure. Manage.

Change is inevitable – it is imperative monitoring centers track, measure, and manage for efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

By understanding the benchmarking measurement process, you will be able to make educated decisions about when to add new services, or more importantly, when to eliminate practices that are holding you back. In this session you will learn how to grow your monitoring center and why benchmarking must be prioritized as part of your company strategy to integrate new features and services.

You will uncover:

How to measure employee effectiveness and raise overall customer satisfaction

How to track the basic costs of doing business

Take-away tools to accurately measure costs of implementing new products and services

How to use the information to better manage people and technology

How to grow your monitoring center


The Business of Monitoring

Delivering quality security and life safety monitoring services to end-users, including cloud-based lifestyle enhancements, is mission critical 24/7. Discover best-of-breed operator training, state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, and vital monitoring processes and procedures for next-gen central stations. Learn from seasoned professionals who share best practices to maximize your 24/7 monitoring operation effectively and profitably.

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