ESX 2022

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June 15

9:15 – 10:15 AM CT
Customer Focused

Top 5 Ways to Authentically Keep Your Customers Loyal

A growing company should focus on both attracting and keeping customers.

Learning a “focus on both” customer strategy is essential to sustainable growth and profitability. When a company is successful in executing this strategy, it reaps the benefits of retaining customers and increasing profits. However, customer behavior has changed dramatically because of social media platforms. Customer engagement needs to go beyond a “push marketing” to a “pull marketing” campaign that draws them in by telling compelling stories and addressing customer needs and interests on an ongoing basis. It’s true that focusing on long-term customer loyalty is integral to long-term success, so join us for this great educational session that has been designed to help you increase customer loyalty.

In this session, you’ll learn:

How an engagement marketing strategy focuses on content rather than products

Why it’s critical to communicate engaging content early and often

How to inspire your customer with your brand

How to proactively collect feedback to improve your brand

What relationship red flags you can’t ignore

Why focusing on long-term customer loyalty is integral to long-term success


Engaging Customers

An important component in your customer engagement strategy is delivering a hyper-personalized experience that tailors products, services, and experiences according to their needs and wants. Learn how this strategy provides an emotional connection between a customer and your brand to buy more and refer more and deepen their loyalty.

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