ESX 2022

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June 17

9:45- 10:45AM CT

Business of Security

The Connected Experience – Security. Convenience. Privacy.

All companies know they are responsible to follow privacy, data, and security rules, but how does it apply to security companies and what do consumers expect?

Every security company should have its own privacy/data strategy and be prepared to meet these obligations through a practical action plan, based on the kinds of data it has and the consumers to which it provides services. Whether a breach notification or a website privacy policy, there are dozens of federal and state laws that address privacy and data security and being ignorant of these laws is not a defensible position.

After this session, you’ll understand:

The checklist of privacy and data security issues

What the Federal Trade Commission says is a “reasonable and appropriate” data security and protection of personal information program

What the top compliance issues are for your website

How to deal with telemarketing, texting, and emailing regulations for marketing to prospects and your customers


The Business of Security

Identify proven practices that take your company to the next level, financially, legally, and operationally. Learn to manage your risks, improve top line revenues and bottom-line profits, and increase RMR.

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