ESX 2022

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June 16

3:15- 4:15PM CT

The Future is Now

Rise of the Machine – When and How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Although many consumers think artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are still science fiction terms, they drive much of the technology used in our everyday lives.

As with the Jetsons, common tasks will become easier for computers to process, which means robots and IoT will become extremely useful in day-to-day life. From smart thermostats and cameras to drones, the applications of these technologies will impact the security industry. Ready to learn more about this topic? Join us for this electronic security expo educational session to learn about the application of artificial intelligence in security.

Join us as we:

Define AI, machine learning and deep learning

Identify real world applications for your customers today

Discuss the challenges and opportunities these technologies bring

Learn about the application of artificial intelligence in security


The Future is Now

Examine the future of our industry through emerging trends, new products, technologies, and services that will excite your customers. Discover what and who are reshaping our industry, explore exit or succession strategies, and create a vision of what’s next for you and your company.

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