ESX 2021 Virtual Experience Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Watch the Attendee Guide to the ESX 2021 Virtual Experience to learn ahow to set up your account in the virtual platform features and how to take advantage of all of the incredible features.

How do I access the ESX 2021 Virtual Experience?

Registered attendees, sponsors and exhibitors can visit to access the virtual event platform with the login details sent to them from Pheedloop, our virtual platform. Not registered yet? Register now to experience the latest developments in electronic security and life safety.

Virtual Event Platform Best Practices

Please carefully review the below best practices and tips for accessing and interacting with the ESX virtual event platform:

  • We strongly recommend joining the virtual event on your desktop/laptop computer to enjoy all of the platform features.
  • Access the platform via Google Chrome (recommended for optimal experience), Mozilla FirefoxApple Safari and Microsoft Edge internet browsers. 
  • Connect to your internet router via a hardwire connection. A download speed of at least 25 Mbps is recommended. You can test your internet speed here
  • If you have concerns about accessing the virtual platform with your internet connection, we recommend turning off your company VPN and other programs to increase your available internet bandwidth.
  • Ensure that the virtual event platform URL: is marked as a “Trusted Site” within your internet browser.  

How do I view a live session?

To view a live session, please click on the session you would like to view from the Sessions section in the virtual platform. Once there, you can view all of the upcoming sessions at a glance and individual session details. Please navigate to the individual session pages at the scheduled start time.

I am experiencing issues with the sessions in the virtual platform, what can I do?

The virtual platform is optimized for Google Chrome. We recommend either trying a different browser, checking the Help page in the virtual platform, exploring the Virtual Experience FAQs, watching the Attendee Guide video tutorial and reviewing the Pheedloop Recommended System and Internet Requirements for helpful troubleshooting tips. If you need additional assistance, you can reach out to Pheedloop Technical Support at or

What if I can't hear the session?

When joining a session, wait to connect to audio until the video/image loads. This should ensure you have a clear audio connection for the session. If you are in the session and are having audio difficulties, disconnect and reconnect your audio.

I logged into a session early and I can’t see the video or chat once the session started. What should I do?

If you logged in early to the session, you may need to refresh your page in order to access the session.

The video/image is too compressed on my screen - how do I make the view bigger without the chat and poll option disappearing?

Try clicking the "Theater View" button to enlarge the video image and move the polling and chat features to the side.

How do I schedule a meeting?

You can schedule a meeting in several different ways. You can reach out to any ESX 2021 Virtual Experience attendee, speaker, sponsor and exhibitor in the virtual platform’s chat function. You can send private chats via the blue button at the bottom of each page to schedule a meeting or you can go to the Networking section and find individuals or a group of people to chat with to schedule a meeting. If you’d like to meet with an exhibitor in our Exhibit Hall, navigate to the booth you’d like to visit and select “Join Live” at the top of the booth page.

How long will sessions be available on-demand following the live broadcast?

The sessions will be available on this platform for 90 days after the conclusion of the event. On demand content will be available within the virtual platform until 11:59 PM EST on Friday, September 17.

What content is available after the live session?

Recordings of all education sessions will be available on demand after Thursday, June 17, the last day of the ESX 2021 Virtual Experience.

How do I access the session recordings?

Go to the Session section in the virtual platform and select the session recording you’d like to watch.

I am joining from a different time zone, when does each session start?

The ESX 2021 Virtual Experience is in Eastern Standard Time (EST) but the virtual platform will show the program times in your local time zone. All attendees will be able to join the sessions at the same time in the virtual platform.

Will ESX use any screen captures from the event?

On occasion you may be photographed, video-taped, audio-taped, or have screenshots taken in connection with Electronic Security Expo (ESX) events and activities during the virtual event. As a participant of the ESX 2021 Virtual Experience, you agree that ESX is the sole owner of all rights in and to the resulting photographs, video footage and recordings, for all purposes related to ESX’s business (both now and in the future). Your name and likeness may be used by ESX in advertising and promotional materials. Participants shall receive no compensation or royalties for appearance in any materials. Click here to view the ESX Statement of Privacy and the ESX 2021 Virtual Experience Terms & Conditions.

Who should I contact if I am still experiencing technical issues or have additional questions?

Please contact ESX event staff at or Pheedloop Technical Support at

Is there anything else I should keep in mind during the ESX 2021 Virtual Experience?

By submitting your registration, you and all ESX attendees have accepted the ESX 2021 Virtual Experience Terms & Conditions and must conduct themselves accordingly.