Guidelines for ESX Sponsor Communications

This will cover guidelines and instructions for the Electronic Security Expo Community:

  1. Email marketing
  2. Social media
  3. Webinars

Dedicated Email Marketing Guidelines:

  • Unless otherwise requested, email send times will be scheduled by ESX staff at optimal times to reach and engage the membership
  • Emails will be distributed by ESX staff on the ESX event email template with the disclaimer that the message is coming from an ESX partner
  • Email content and assets must be submitted 7 business days in advance and include:
    • Word document that contains original content (i.e. subject line, preheader and body)
    • Image files or visual assets (including company logo), to be included in the email (JPEG or PNG preferred)
    • Your brand colors
    • Click link
    • List of contacts who have requested to unsubscribe for dedupe purposes
    • Seed list of email contacts who should receive test email for review and approval
  • Test emails will be sent 24-48 hours in advance of the send date, and all edits/requested changes should be provided to your marketing contact within one business day
  • ESX will not promote conflicting competitive events (i.e. ESX will not promote partners attendance at other organizations’ events or even the partner’s own event)
  • ESX will not promote or distribute information that draws a direct, negative comparison to a competitor or negative feedback about The Electronic Security Association (ESA)
  • ESX staff reserve the right to prioritize and schedule email communications in accordance with ESX programs and communications plan
    • No more than one partner message will go out each week
    • No partner messages will be sent two weeks from ESX 2021 event
  • ESX reserves the right to provide recommended edits to adhere to ESX style guidelines

Email Best Practices:

  • Create engaging subject lines that have no more than 70 characters
  • Stick to one call-to-action and keep it clear and concise
  • Keep the body of the email clear and informative

ESX Social Media Guidelines:

As part of your partnership, you have selected to opt into ESX social media advertising opportunities. As per your agreement, you have available posts across ESX’s three platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) during the sponsorship year. In order to ensure your social media promotions are promoted accurately and on time, please provide your messages below at least two weeks prior to the date you would like your message promoted and include the following:

  • Content and specify desired platform/s (Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn)*
  • Shortened website link
  • Relevant hashtag/s
  • Your company’s handle for tagging purposes
  • Graphics, if applicable
  • Desired posting date

*Each sponsored post will be shared on one channel, unless a sponsor wants to use additional sponsorship posts for another channel (for instance, if a sponsor would like content posted to all three social media channels, this would count as three individual sponsorship fulfillments). Twitter retweets count as a single post.

Social Media Best Practices:

  • Social posts that provide insight or technical content tend to perform better than marketing updates
    •  Driving people to a new whitepaper, webcast, discount, etc. is most successful, whereas press releases typically have a poor click-through
  • Link tracking – a link shortener (examples are and will not only make it easier to fit a link in, they will provide invaluable tracking information on click-through and much more
  • Use hashtags to help get more visibility for your tweet
    • Good examples are product names or major industry topics
  • Keep in mind the guidelines for each platform and their varying audiences, for example Twitter has a character limit of 280

Social Media Recommendations for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook:

  • Recommended character count: 100 characters or less
  • Include a link
  • Include a photo/graphic

Additonal Social Media Guidelines:

  • ESX will not promote competitive events (we will not tweet about a vendor attending someone else’s conference, including theirs)
  • ESX will not promote or distribute information that draws a negative comparison to a competitor – its fine to say your product is the fastest or the best, but not to directly point out how it compares to a particular vendor
  • ESX reserves the right to edit content and copy to maintain the voice and brand of ESX social media promotions
  • ESX reserves the right to prioritize and schedule social media advertising in accordance with ESX programs and communications plan
  • ESX will not promote or distribute information that draws a negative reviews of ESA

ESX Webinar Guidelines

To effectively promote your webinar, please provide the following.

  1. Presentation title
  2. Webinar description – 200 words maximum, including one to three specific key learnings in bullet point format*
  3. Speaker bio – 75 words maximum per speaker
  4. Speaker(s) name, title, company, email address
  5. Quote from speaker (What can the audience expect from the presentation? What is so hot about this topic etc.)
  6. Speaker social media handles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)
  7. Email content (if applicable)

ESX Technical Content Webinar Timeline:



Half hour prior to start

  • Organizer and speaker(s) log into webinar tool
  • Check audio quality for VoIP or phone line
  • Review webinar toolbar
  • Answer any remaining questions
  • Review session timeline

5 minutes prior to start

  • Transfer screen/controls to speaker(s)
  • Start broadcast; mute organizer/speaker(s)

Start time

  • Start broadcast recording
  • Open organizer/speaker audio

0-5 minutes

  • Organizer
    • Welcomes participants and speaker(s)
    • Review of “housekeeping items” for webinar tool
    • Review title, speaker(s) bio(s) and remind attendees to participate in post-event survey

5-15 minutes

  • Speaker(s)
    • Welcome message
    • Review session abstract and key takeaways
    • Review any pre-requisites for session

15-40 minutes

  • Speaker
    • Session content

40-55 minutes

  • Organizer
    • Reads audience questions to speaker(s)
  • Speaker(s)
    • Responses to audience Q&A

55-60 minutes

  • Organizer
    • Thank speaker(s) and attendees
    • Survey reminder

Close of webinar

  • Survey opens for attendees

24-48 hours post-webinar

  • ESX staff posts webinar recording on ESX website
  • ESX staff shares any questions/summary survey results with speaker(s)

2-3 weeks post-webinar

  • Post follow-up question and link to recording to relevant community boards


  • Opt-ins from registration sent to vendor. Non-opt in contact information not shared – only will provide company name, city and state.
  • Recording of webinar to live on ESX2021 website for 6 months or until December 2021
  • After December 31, 2021, copies of MP4 provided
  • Vendor will receive bi-weekly registration number updates. Contact information only provided post-webinar
  • EOT sessions do not require content review, unless requested
    • Branded as Exhibitor Offered Training, hosted by ESX